Feb 1, 2018, 4:01 AM
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Webserver(HTTPS) in front of Domino makes Xpage fail as http is loaded (mixed active content)

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  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 9.0.1
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Hi guys,

We have a Nginx web server running HTTPS in front of our Domino server, so we don't have SSL enabled.

The problem is that we have an Xpage upload function running on our server and it's calling a returnPage.xsp to automatically close down the upload window when the upload is done.

But it fail as the Domino server is trying to call the returnPage.xps as HTTP when the site is running HTTPS - so we get the error "Blocked loading mixed active content “http://test.acme.com/test/database.nsf/returnPage.xsp”

Is there any why to get the Domino server acting like SSL is enabled even tho it sits in front of the Domino server?

I have tried to enable the SSL port on the Domino server with a different port number, but that didn't work.

I have also tried created a redirect/substitution web rule on the Internet site document without any luck.


Best Regards

Feb 1, 2018, 5:15 AM
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Nginx on Domino

Hi Alex,

We actually followed our guide, so thanks for creating it. But we couldn't get it working at first and we found the issue.


In the guide you have written what Domino Headers to use and one of them we had to change in order to make it work.

It's the one here it's set to "True" in your guide and we had to change it to "False". After we changed it to False to site loaded perfectly until then it failed saying it could find the web site document for the specific site. We did this on both HTTP/HTTPS.

proxy_set_header        $WSIS              True;


So it works now as it should but there is something when using Xpages that still calls HTTP on the Domino server itself  and I think it's because we have HTTPS on the web server but the Domino server is still running HTTP as it's not configured to run SSL itself.

This is maybe more a developer issue - but if you could configure the Domino server to somehow run HTTPS without it being configured on the server document that's what I'm looking for