Jun 24, 2017, 4:29 PM
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Might be ok to good in the short term, do you have web/Java skills?

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I know I have lots of XPages work. Yes, you need to know Domino but also Java, JavaScript, and mostly web skills. Most of my sites are Bootstrap enabled, so, that is a skill set by itself.

So, if you have been doing web stuff (development) the last few years than your Domino skills might be worth resurrecting. If not, the journey to refresh your Domino skills and then learn Java, web, etc. might not be worth the investment.

On the admin side while many companies are moving from Notes mail, they often still have may servers still up for the apps. I would not say the market is hot but there is a demand for admins. It will depend on where you live too.... (and if you have a security clearance.) The DC area is always looking for admins.

See http://lotusjobs.net/