Aug 13, 2015, 9:16 AM
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  • Release: 9.0
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In general, soft deletions are hard deleted with the database is opened. This happens at most every hour, with the last time recorded in the database.

I'm not aware of any outstanding bugs with how this works, and it looks like your pure 9+ configuration (client, template, server) is working fine. Understanding that some 8.5.x users (client + template) are working, can you upgrade the problem users to the 9+ configuration and see if the issue persists?

One possibility is if a user has ever set the system time ahead, then this time could have been set forward as well, in which case the logic that determines if it is time to expire the soft deletions won't fire until an hour after whatever time the user set on the system.

If nothing above helps, DEBUG_NSF_SOFT_DELETES=1 can help collect additional information on why this isn't working. I'd recommend opening a PMR in that case so Support can guide you through its use.