Feb 28, 2017, 11:29 AM
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Enhancement Request: Add actual email address when you use "Show Details" in a smart phone app

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  • Platform: Android
  • Release: 9.0.1
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In my laptop client I can click on "Show Details" on an email that I have opened and it will show me the email addresses of the sender, etc.  When I click on that in my smart phone app it does not.  I am trying to educate my coworkers to use this tool when you get a questionable email.  Sort of like that W2 email phishing scam.  It looks like it came from the CEO and the sender did a darn fine job of just targeting key people in HR.  One coworker works primarily from her smart phone and could not tell that it did not come from the CEO.  Other coworkers prevailed and stopped the leak but, again, I would like to educate them on how to verify this but there is no such capability on a smart phone.

Let's say your CEO was Fred Smith.  On a laptop if you do "Show Details" and you see "Fred Smith" <imacommie@gmail.com> you might realize that your CEO wouldn't send such a thing from a gmail account, especially one with a vague handle.  You can't get this level of detail with the same function on a smart phone.

Looked at IBM's RFE site and apparently that's not meant for Domino.