Dec 2, 2014, 9:50 AM
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Has anybody got the C API function MailAddMessageBodyComposite working with larger HTML?

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  • Platform: Windows
  • Release: 9.0.1
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I have created a C API function trying to use the MailAddMessageBodyComposite function in the Notes C API , based on the ideas shown here:

The documentation for the MailAddMessageBodyComposite-function states; "... This function creates multiple items of the same name and therefore is not limited to 64KB of input.".

However, I can't seem to get this to work without getting the error 315 meaning "Memory Allocation Exceeded 65,000 bytes". With small (below 64 kB) html files, the MailAddMessageBodyComposite works without any problems.

The ImportHtmlTextFile-function in the NIHTML.DLL works without any problem with large HTML files and generate the binary CD-record file which MailAddMessageBodyComposite needs.

Has anybody got this function working?