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Here's a little-known feature of Notes.  You can use it to impress all of your friends and managers with your very impressive speediness.  

Have you ever gotten an email from your boss that looks something like,

   Please set up a meeting on this topic with everyone on the Cc: list.

Thank you,

Your Boss

Starting with Notes 8, carrying out that request became very easy.  You only need to select the people in the Cc: list and open up the context (aka right-click) menu.

Image:Creating Meetings from Email Recipients

You can then choose to invite them to a meeting.  Alternatively, you can complete a free-time look-up by choosing Find Available Time.  This way you can find a time that works for most and send out an email asking those that have something else booked if they could move their other appointment for this meeting.

To do this from the preview pane, click Show Details and then right-click:

Image:Creating Meetings from Email Recipients

If you want to include the sender of the e-mail as well, you can type their name in manually, or use copy-and-paste.

Dwight Morse | 11 June 2009 12:08:55 PM ET |

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