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The IBM Tips Podcast

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I'm a mouse guy.  I went to school with a bunch of engineers and have worked among them my entire career, but I somehow managed to avoid their proclivity for keyboard shortcuts.  Given the choice between clicking the right mouse button (sorry, Mac users) to choose from a context sensitive menu and trying to remember the keyboard shortcut for something, I always choose the mouse.  I learned a shortcut for copy and paste only because the right mouse button didn't work in all dialog boxes.  Everything else, I do with the mouse.  Needless to say, I was ecstatic when Lotus (before we bought IBM) introduced SmartIcons in the early 1990's.  It only stands to reason, then, that I would be enthused about the drag and drop capabilities that we added to Notes 8.5.  We already mentioned the drag and drop capabilities of Sametime, but there's more.

It's now possible to drag and drop things around in a rich text field.  This means that when I write a couple of paragraphs and decide that the last paragraph needs to go first, I can select the last paragraph and drag it up above the the first.  When I let go of left mouse button, the last paragraph has been cut and pasted above the first.

Image:Dragging and Dropping in Notes 8.5

Image:Dragging and Dropping in Notes 8.5
We won't stop there.  With 8.5.1, I'll be able to show you a few new drag and drop tricks.

Dwight Morse | 24 June 2009 10:49:41 PM ET |

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