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When you send an email to a group that you created in Contacts, you can choose whether the group members can see each other's names and addresses, or if they just see the group name.

This lets you break off and email subsets of the group, if that becomes necessary, and it also lets people see who's involved in the conversation.

Image:Letting other people see who’s in a group (or not) vs  Image:Letting other people see who’s in a group (or not)

To change whether they can see other group members or not, click Delivery Options on the email you're sending, and look at the option Do not expand personal groups.
Image:Letting other people see who’s in a group (or not)
If you want to show just the group name, select that option.
If you want to show the group members, leave it de-selected.

Then click OK.

Note: This only works for groups that you created.

Julia Brown | 21 July 2011 11:45:31 AM ET |

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