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The IBM Tips Podcast

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Bonjour, konnichiwa, and hello! Notes users come from all over the world, and depending on where you are, Notes has some preferences you can set, to make your experience more accurate. In this episode, we'll tell you how to set up Notes for working in different timezones, setting different work days, languages, and more tips for people in different areas, or people whose co-workers are in different areas.

The preferences we'll talk about today might already be set by your administrator, so you may not need to worry about them.

Change your language

  • Set a regional profile to change the language used for Notes menus, buttons, sorting, and importing/exporting documents, as well as units of measure.

Diversify your contacts
  • In your contacts list, show tabs for more characters - Click the globe button above the tabs to "Show Additional Language Tabs"
  • Use alternate names:
    To see other people's alternate names, you need to install the right fonts and pick the languages for alternate names. To do that:

    1. Click File > Preferences.
    2. Click Basic Notes Client Configuration.
    3. Click Default Fonts.
    4. Specify your multilingual or Unicode font as the Default Sans Serif and the Default Multilingual font and then click OK.
    5. Under Additional Options, click Enable Unicode display.

    Then go to the Regional Settings area of preferences.
    7. Click the Change button by Alternate name language.
    8. Select an alternate name language from the left column, then click Add to move the language to the right column and click OK.

    Then go to the Locations area of preferences.
    10. Select your current location and click Edit.
    11. For the Default display name option, select Alternate names and click OK.
    12. Click OK to save your preferences.
  • To use an alternate name for yourself, ask your Domino administrator to register and certify an alternate name for you. You can have only one alternate name.

Change timezones and calendar preferences

Change text direction and bi-directional text

Au revoir!

See you next time : )

IBM SocialBiz UX | 27 September 2012 10:07:02 PM ET |

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