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The IBM Tips Podcast

Connecting you with news and best practices for IBM software

For the next few episodes, we'll be gearing up for IBM Connect, our conference coming up in January in Orlando, FL. We'll be interviewing various people that you can go see in the UX Lab, where you can see and comment on upcoming designs, and give us your feedback in person.  

Today we have Meng Yang and Ethan Perry, who both work on IBM Connections.

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Tips from Meng and Ethan:

-Notes Traveler (Notes for mobile devices) - Using and Installing Notes Traveler
-Use Copy Into New to copy a calendar entry into a new calendar entry, so you have the same invitees, conference call, web info, etc. You can use it like a meeting template.
-Add other calendars to your Notes calendar, like a personal calendar (Google, etc) or Activities with due dates

IBM SocialBiz UX | 30 November 2012 11:00:00 AM ET |

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