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The IBM Tips Podcast

Connecting you with news and best practices for IBM software

This week, we're going to talk about scheduling smart meetings. We'll talk about preferences that make meeting scheduling easier, as well as some ways to schedule and organize meetings better.

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Episode 8: Scheduling Smarter Meetings

Preferences/things to set to make meeting scheduling easier:

When scheduling and managing meetings:
  • Click New > meeting to create a new meeting. If the meeting has lots of participants and you don't want to get a ton of responses in your inbox, for meeting type choose Event Announcement.  
  • Add conference call info by clicking the checkbox next to Include conference call information in the Location.
  • Add a web meeting by clicking the Online Meeting link.
  • To reserve a physical room, click Find Rooms & Resources.
  • Find the best time for the meeting
  • Include an agenda, links, or attachments.
  • Make it a repeating meeting

That should be enough to get you started using meetings efficiently!

IBM SocialBiz UX | 24 August 2012 12:00:00 PM ET |

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