Jonathan Booth commented on Apr 2, 2009

Tips for getting model to work


I was able to get your model to work by making a few changes. I can't post my model because I can't attach a file to a comment.

The changes I had to make were:

- I made the input variable into an XML variable, with a "data" parent and one child element called "treevalue". I set the text for treevalue to 1111 so it would match a node in your tree.

- I changed the page location of the Tree builder to be the "treevalue" tag, and I specified "On Named Tag" instead of Relative.

- I changed the Selected Value input of the tree builder to be ${Variables/inputVform1/data/treevalue} . This will cause the current value (1111) to be shown when the tree is displayed.

Hope that helps. As the previous comment suggested, if you want to post to one of the forums you'll typically get a pretty quick response.

Hope that helps.

- Jonathan

R Flynn commented on Mar 31, 2009


Try posting this question in one of the Portlet Factory forums in the link below. These forums are regularly monitored by IBM staff.

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