nicolo chieffo commented on May 23, 2013

Re: Application Page Sample Builder

It wold be useful to have the possibility to add Paging Buttons in the Data View mode, just using a checkbox and an option to customize the number of pages.

Is it possible to do this?

Jonathan Booth commented on Mar 22, 2013

Re: Application Page Sample Builder

Regarding the import compile error - thanks! The updated version corrects this, and also fixes the warning that appeared when using a UI theme with base pages that don't include "page_header_text" location. (The page_header_text location is a new addition to base pages in the Multichannel Feature Pack for WEF 8.0).

Giancarlo Giannini commented on Mar 18, 2013

Re: Application Page Sample Builder

I found a problem when importing the

The class has an error in the import section:

import com.bowstreet.builder.webapp.client.api.ClientPageNavigation;

Message is: the import cannot be resolved.

At the moment, I simply commented this import.