Jonathan Booth commented on Apr 2, 2009

Samples help


The developerWorks forums are the best place to ask questions if you get stuck. The following link has a list of the forums:

{ Link }

I think the "Best practices" forum is the best bet for a topic such as this. I think you'll find that those forums are quite active for questions and answers.

Sorry we didn't notice your posting sooner. We do appreciate your involvement here!

- Jonathan

Kim Walch commented on Mar 30, 2009

Submission of samples that don't quite work

Q1: Where is the best place to add samples (that could be useful to others) but don't quite work? For example, I added a Tree Builder example to this wiki's FAQ (since there were other examples) but no one seems interested. If some one helps me - I'll make it a better example. But I'm stuck.

Q2: Is there any other "active" forum for developers using WPF? This wiki seems a bit quiet.