venkat reddy commented on Jan 27, 2011

Re: Concepts (basics and beyond)


Please thow some light on the following

1)Unit testing in WPF using JUnit

2)How do we write unit test cases for portlet factory portlets for automated builds (using cruisecontrol or hudson or any such CI tool)?

ktuttle commented on Jul 11, 2008

Concepts (basics and beyond)

A comment about automation and testing has been added to the general section of the FAQ. (

jason_e commented on Jul 11, 2008

Concepts (basics and beyond)

Thanks for the comment. We will try to find or create the JUnit information you're looking for.

cottonball commented on Jul 11, 2008

Concepts (basics and beyond)

I'm looking for a topic for using JUnit in Portlet Factory - with details or example on how to implement it. Any additional topics on testing in Portlet Factory will be great. The newly posted deployment topics are excellent! Something similar to that for testing will be awesome. For example, Unit testing in WPF using JUnit, Automated testing in WPF using XXX, etc.