steven P smith commented on Jun 15, 2010

Creating a custom builder to provide LDAP data access

Is possible use this as Login Authorization like username and password

Juan Moreno commented on Feb 16, 2010

Creating a custom builder to provide LDAP data access

To complement my previous post the reason for doing this is that I wanted to be able to make this inputs configurable via portlet preferences.

But when I tried this I started getting errors like the fore-mentioned one.

I tried via regular variables and even through resource bundles, but nothing helped.

If this functionality is not available maybe a good nudge in the right direction might enable me to be able to contribute this functionality to the wiki.

Thank you,

Juan Moreno commented on Feb 16, 2010

Creating a custom builder to provide LDAP data access

Does this builder support indirect referencing?

I've tried to make the ldapurl, binduser and bind password configurable but I always get returned errors.

For example I get the following parsing error if I try to pull the URL from a variable.

javax.naming.NamingException: Cannot parse url: ${Variables/localizer/Data/ldapurl} [Root exception is Invalid URI: ${Variables/localizer/Data/ldapurl}]

Juan Moreno commented on Dec 15, 2009


Understood thanks Kevin.

I've used the LJO approach before for registering and updating user info, but I'll look into



Kevin Tapperson commented on Dec 15, 2009

RE: PUMA in Portlet Factory

To work with PUMA in Portlet Factory, you can write Java classes and reference them through a Linked Java Object builder. Portlet Factory also provides the following API which can provide access to some of the Portal user information.


This provides an instance of the com.bowstreet.webapp.util.UserInfo interface which has a getAttribute method that can be used to obtain the value of the provided attribute for the current user.

Juan Moreno commented on Dec 14, 2009

PUMA in Portlet Factory

This is a great builder thanks.

Now, you mentioned the following about PUMA above:

"There are some techniques available that can easily facilitate the use of the WebSphere Portal PUMA API within Portlet Factory"

Could you elaborate a bit on this?

Now I've worked with PUMA on portlet factory before by creating normal some java classes which are then referenced through Linked Java Objects in my models.

Is this what you meant by your comment or is there another way that better integrates the PUMA with porlet factory like some sort of PUMA builder similar to what you accomplished here with your LDAP Builder?

Thank you

DeAnna Steiner commented on Nov 17, 2008

Files fixed

I reattached the files and they appear to be working now.

Best regards,


Roderick Boekdrukker commented on Nov 7, 2008

Files not accessible

An error has occured whilst trying to find the page that you have requested.

It may be that the page does not exist or that you do not have the authorization to view it.

Error Message:

HTTP Web Server: Lotus Notes Exception - Entry not found in index

Please help, I need this file.

naoya moritani commented on Sep 29, 2008

Could not download files

Thanks for the great sample.

I would like to try this but could not download the files. Could you check if the links are correct?