Luis F Bertel commented on Apr 28, 2016

Re: Creating Popup Windows

Hi, i manage to get it working on a Portal 8.5 Environment so far, but i notice that the new page does not use the same theme from the parent one. Is there a way to fix it ?


Jonathan Booth commented on Feb 27, 2013

Re: Creating Popup Windows

The attached sample has been updated and tested with WEF 8.0. It should also work with 7.0.x.

Selvaraj B commented on Dec 15, 2011

Re: Creating Popup Windows

Hi, Now this sample is not working in portal server any more. It is rendering the imported page as plain text not as html?

I'm using WPF6.1.5 and Portal V6.1.5 running on WAS7.0

Is there any fix?

Raul A. Rodriguez commented on Feb 15, 2010

Creating Popup Windows

I cant test the model, i get this error:

"Error in method main. An exception occurred processing JSP page /genjsp/samples/PopupSample_viewPage.jsp at line 23 20: 21: <% } %> 22: <% if (JSPSupport.startTagCheck(request, "FORM")) { %> 23:

24: <% } %> 25: 26: Stacktrace:".

Kevin Tapperson commented on Mar 19, 2009

using a link instead of a button

The script that is built by the getOpenPopupPageScript method is designed to be used in an onclick handler, which is what the Button builder does when its action is a javascript. The Link builder will try to assign a javascript action to the href attribute of the link, which won't work properly. Instead, you should configure the Link builder to run the javascript "void(0);". Then add an Attribute Setter builder to the model which sets the onclick attribute for the link using the script generated by the getOpenPopupPageScript method.

Neha Sriv commented on Feb 26, 2009

Sample shows error for link

Hi ,In the following sample if I use Link Builder instead of a button I am getting error on the page as a synatx error on line1 char 26

How to fix this ?