Jan J IJmker commented on Apr 2, 2009

SVN Plugins

Thanks - the process described in the linked article is exactly the one we have followed, but using the Subversive instead of the CollabNet plugin.

Don Naro commented on Apr 1, 2009

Related article in the LWM wiki

The following link is to an article in the Lotus Workforce Management wiki that explains how to connect to a Portlet Factory project in SVN.

{ Link }

Jan J IJmker commented on Mar 23, 2009

Compatible Eclipse SVN Plugin

Setting up a fresh copy of a partly checked-in PF project is a lot easier with the Subversive plugin, rather than for example the CollabNet one.

This plugin allows you to share a newly created project into an existing SVN location. After selecting the existing location, the plugin links files and does a full sync. I believe the CollabNet plugin does allow you to select an existing location.