Thomas Beauvais commented on Mar 13, 2009

Solution - For V6.1

Actually if you just open the modes that contain the Cooperative Portlet builder and perform the following steps it should resolve any issues. Regenerate and save each model. Redeploy your application.

Laks Sundararajan commented on Jan 22, 2009

Solution - For V6.1

I downloaded the sample and installed it on my local instance (V 6.1). Unfortunately none of the wiring stuff worked.

I noticed a bunch of errors in WSDLs. Here is what I did to get it working

- Recreated 'Cooperative Portlet Source' builders removing 'Output Type Name' and modifying output type from xsd:string to string (from dropdown).

- Remove 'Output Type Name' from 'Cooperative Portlet Target' builder

- Redeploy the application

Keri Tuttle commented on Nov 12, 2008

Issue Answer

Please be sure to have the Samples/Tutorials Feature set loaded when using this sample.

Candy Valois commented on Nov 12, 2008


this version is not working. when getting import into WPF , getting a bunch all errors related to bad allocation of provider and missing xml files