willbeh commented on Jun 9, 2008

New Builder for scheduled actions

I agree with Renato. Would be great to have a way to create schedule task. Maybe something similar in Lotus Domino where you can have a schedule again (more than once a day, daily, weekly, monthly, etc).

renatodelgaudio commented on Jun 9, 2008

New Builder for scheduled actions


thank you for your suggestion. I missed that builder.

I've check it out and it works fine but I've found out that it generate a page reload.

I'm not sure at the moment if a page reload could bring along with it a side back effect.

Just in case I couldn't use it for the above issue, do you have any idea how to implement it in Websphere Portlet Factory ?

I mean, Timed Action builder is strictly related to a page concept (you need to provide a page location specifying page name and tag name). When time expires, the specified action is invoked and page will be reloaded.

I was looking for something running on background that update some variables content on regular basis.

I've tried to kick off a repetitive action using a standard java TimerTask technique within a Linked Java Object but it works only the first time it is executed, after that (all other scheduled run method call inside my TimerTask class) a NullPointer exception is raised.

I'm afraid that LJO instance is destroyed after a while.

Renato Del Gaudio

weezie commented on Jun 9, 2008

New Builder for scheduled actions

Have you seen the Timed Action builder in Portlet Factory? I believe it has all the functionality that you are requesting except Cancellation Policy.