jason_e commented on Jun 9, 2008

Team development

Thanks very much for the comment! We are looking into breaking up the CVS article and expanding yours.

peterk2 commented on Jun 9, 2008

Team development

The article "Using CVS with portlet factory" is good, but we need a generic list of folders and files of interest for version control. We are forced to use PVCS which has terrible integration with our IDE. So we need to know which files to export and then import into PVCS.

So may I suggest breaking up the "using CVS" article into two parts?

1. General files and folders of interest

2. CVS

I will begin the "General files and folders of interest for source control", but my knowleadge on the subject is very limited.

FYI - this editor didn't work in Firefox, so I had to switch to MSIE.