babatunde commented on Jun 3, 2008

WebSphere Portlet Factory Rich Client Platform Support

documentElement error. Does portlet factory support XML DOM?

Q: Does portlet factory support XML DOM? I have an html page that opens up normally when opened directly with a browser. However, when I use the Imported page builder to import the page and run it in WPF, I get the following error: "documentElement is null or not an object". Does anyone know what is causing this?

Response: Yes, Portlet Factory uses XML extensively, though I'm not sure exactly what you mean by "DOM" in this case. For the particular problem you're having with an Imported Page, I suggest posting this to one of the Portlet Factory forums and including the HTML that's causing the issue.

Note - I am taking the liberty of removing this from the main FAQ list, since it seems to be related to a specific problem rather than a more general Portlet Factory question. Hope this seems OK. In general we see the forums as a better place to post specific problem questions like this.