Cody Burleson commented on Sep 25, 2011

Re: Troubleshooting IBM Lotus Web Content Management search issues

Relevant to section '2.9 Collection is missing or is empty'; it is also posible to see a missing or empty search collection message because the author editing the WCM search component does not have appropriate access to the PSE Source (the collection). For more information, see:

venkat reddy commented on Apr 29, 2011

Re: Troubleshooting IBM Lotus Web Content Management search issues

In portal, I configured seedlist 1.0 - WCM search. when I login using http://PORTAL_HOST_NAME:10040/wps/myportal/VIRTUAL_PORTAL and search for a term, and click on the search result , it takes me to the appropriate page , this works fine.

but when login using http://REMOTE_WEB_SERVER_VIRTUAL_HOST_NAME OR WEB_SERVER_HOST_NAME/wps/myportal/VIRTUAL_PORTAL, search for a term , and a click on the search result, it takes me to

http://PORTAL_HOST_NAME:10040/wps/wcm/webinterface/login/login.jsp?http://PORTAL_HOST_NAME:10040/wps/wcm/connect/LIBRARY_NAME/SITE_ FRAMEWORK_NAME/SITE_AREA_NAME?digest=N3Ez5hqFpFLaqbJ7klj_8g!!

and asks me to login(the login page looks like WAS admin console login page) and when I login it shows me just the single content in the browser.

I tried the following

1) Changing the WCM_HOST(to virtual host name of remote web server or remote web server host name), WCM_PORT (80)

2)Tried changing host name to remote web server host name or remote web servers virtual host name and port name to 80 in the parameter named "collect documents linked from this URL", in the "Edit Content Source Configuration" screen, in the "Manage Search" portlet.

Am I missing something here? do I need to do something else(like configuring something while generating http plugin or specifying some configuration on the remote web server(IIS)).

Please let me know if I am doing anything wrong, thank you once again. your help will be very much appreciated.

venkat reddy commented on Dec 22, 2010

Re: Troubleshooting IBM Lotus Web Content Management search issues


I am trying to setup search for a WCM site, I configured a "WCM site" collection. Search center portlet is displaying results. The WCM library has anonymous user access.

Problem: The search results(in a search center portlet) links go to /wps/portal , invalidating the user session. For authenticated users, the search results should go to /wps/myportal, please let me know what I need to do to correct it.

Thank you