David De Vos commented on Sep 24, 2013

Re: WCM Sample Workflow Polling framework

Hi Maria, the 'Sample Workflow Polling' techinque is quite old now and a far better solution (available from WCM v7) is to use WCM JMS's support, which effectively has you write some code and a rule (such as when content is updated or created) and your code is fired only when that condition is true... however this doesn't actually help you solve the problem regarding 'Publishing Projects' on a downstream server. Unfortunately this is something that WCM does not support just yet, however I recommend you raise a feature request and we can look at it for a future release

Maria Rauba commented on Sep 23, 2013

Re: WCM Sample Workflow Polling framework - issues with Projects

We're trying to use this workflow polling framework to publish draft items that we've pushed to a preview server. (we are on WCM v7)

Nearly everything is in a Project because we also use the Multi-lingual solution (MLS).

So we end up having content stuck in Pending Publish in the Project on our preview server, because the project on the preview server won't publish. It has a state of "deferred syndication".

Any ideas for a work-around for this?

Thanks for any help.

Soren Mogensen commented on Jul 5, 2010

WCM Sample Workflow Polling framework

Hi David,

With regards to replacing the workflow - the scenario we have at a customer is they want to use a preview server from any stage of the workflow (including draft, and any number of sequential workflow stages). Thus, rather than pushing the content into the next workflow stage (where it may still be draft) we simply change the workflow assigned to the content to one that only has a published stage. Thus, independently of which stage the content was in previously, it will now be published.

David De Vos commented on Jun 15, 2010

WCM Sample Workflow Polling framework

Hi Soren, As you know this framework pre-dates both custom workflow actions and the syndication API, however yes your first suggestion is a good enhancement, although only useful for workflow pollers that run on subscriber-only machines. I've noted down this enhancement and can look at it down the track, potentially earlier if there is demand. As for the second suggestion, I'm not following that, can you explain in more detail.

Soren Mogensen commented on Jun 9, 2010

WCM Sample Workflow Polling framework

I know this is just a sample implementation, but would recommend:

1. Loop through subscribers and check if any syndication has taken place since last run; only look for relevant content if syndication has taken place. (In order to significantly cut down on database lookups)

2. Replace the workflow with one that only has a published workflow stage rather than push to next workflow stage; this makes the preview possible from any workflow stage instead of just the one prior to the published workflow stage.