DeAnna Steiner commented on Dec 14, 2009

Demo: Overview of WebSphere Portal UI

Theresa Smit recently published a demo of the new JSR 286 portlet on You Tube >

Michael A Porter commented on Oct 23, 2009

Demo: Overview of WebSphere Portal UI

A couple thoughts on demos:

1. a walkthrough of the new JSR 286 WCM portlet

2. A demo of the release management gui, especially anything to do with rollbacks etc.

 commented on May 12, 2009

Anything in particular you are looking for?


We are working on more demos. Are there particular areas you are interested in? Like Theme customizer, virtual portals, site management, Web 2.0 or some other areas?

Look forward to hearing your thoughts!



nishad saithaly commented on Apr 28, 2009

There are so many features out there..


Our organisation has migrated to WPS 6.1.

Since trng sessions have been delayed.

I would appreciate if you can provide references to more screencasts.

This one is good but very brief.