Sophie XL Liu commented on Jun 18, 2013

Re: IBM WebSphere Portal V8.0.0.1 Combined Cumulative Fix Instructions: stand-alone

"Ensure that enough disk space is available: 2.40 GB of installation space (3500 cylinders on z/OS) plus 1.66 GB of shared data space (2371 cylinders on z/OS)." What exactly is "installation space" and "shared data space"? Could you please specify it more clear with directory names, like installation manager directory, Portal root directory, WAS root directory, or Portal profile root directory? Like Portal CF Readme document:

"All other platforms: 2 GB in the directory where you download the cumulative fix, 1 GB in , 1 GB in temporary disk space and 1 GB in your system temp directory, such as /tmp on Unix or Linux platforms or C:\temp on the Microsoft Windows platform"