WebSphere Portal 6.1.0 Migration Best Practices

This document provides detailed information about migration of IBM WebSphere Portal V5.1.x to IBM WebSphere Portal V6.1.0.x. It introduces key considerations, planning and the overall decision process before providing step-by-step instructions. This document covers key concepts and best practices related to the migration planning and process that includes IBM WebSphere Portal components such as Document Manager, Personalization, IBM Workplace Web Content Management, and others. Also it provides hints and tips if the applications, themes, and search is not working as expected or performance is not as expected after the post migration.

Whether you are a Line-of-Business manager looking for overall information about migration, an IT architect planning a migration, or an administrator who has to perform the actual migration, this document is for you.

Table of Contents

WebSphere Portal

      Why migrate to the latest version? 

     Planning for WebSphere Portal migration

     Preparing for WebSphere Portal migration

     Understanding the migration process

     Post migration considerations

        WebSphere Portal and Lotus Web Content Management 6.1 Performance

        Web Content Management integration with Portal search

Lotus Web Content Management

     Migration roadmap for Web Content Management

     Deciding what needs to be migrated from Workplace Web Content Management 5.1

     Migrating Web content data

     Functional Changes You Should Know About Before Migrating Web Content Management Migration

     Migrating personalized portal content

     Migrating Portal Document Manager

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