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Getting started with Theme/Skin customisation
Mike Perrett 02/21/2012 09:19 AM
Skins 8.5.1 (Lotus Domino) Windows


I've read through the PDF titled " CustomizationMigrationQuickr8.5DominoFinal.pdf" available here: ""

However, when trying to follow the examples on pages 21 to 25, nothing changes in my Quickr place.

The PDF makes reference to the sample files that can be downloaded, however I cannot find any links or references to where these can be downloaded. I would just like to compare sample successful modifications to my own. Anyone know where these can be obtained from.

I don't think the document goes far enough. For instance page 3 offers a really useful diagram about the elements on a page, such as #lotusbanner or .pageBanner and I can see the following line in page.htm
<div class="lotusBanner" id="pageBanner">

But what you really want is screen shots of both a CSS and Page.htm that shows how each element is manipulated.

And is it me, or does the Defaut css file have virtually nothing in it?


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