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20.Apr.171Show details for Find in ApproachFind in ApproachRobert E Burke
15.Apr.179Show details for File LinksFile LinksJustin Barnett
9.Apr.173Show details for Replace space or specified character/letterReplace space or specified character/letterDavid Ess
5.Apr.171Show details for PrintSettings object or CurrentApplication Object info ?PrintSettings object or CurrentApplication Object info ?Sylvain Robichaud
22.Mar.174Show details for Quote within QuotesQuote within Quotestom sinar
16.Mar.17handling of record numberSepp Asanger
16.Mar.174Show details for WordPro Bullet ListsWordPro Bullet ListsDavid A Law
14.Mar.17want the record number to stay unchangedSepp Asanger
14.Mar.1711Show details for Sheet Tab ColoursSheet Tab ColoursJustin Barnett
1.Mar.17SCHEDULED OUTAGE March 3 - 5 2017LDD Webmaster
8.Feb.17copying addresses in ADDRESSESKeir Polyblank
1.Feb.172Show details for Display image from diskDisplay image from diskDmytro Pastovenskyi
30.Jan.172Show details for Run script when switch recordRun script when switch recordDmytro Pastovenskyi
13.Jan.1714Show details for Updating database from scriptUpdating database from scriptMichael DR Price
8.Jan.1714Show details for Using @SUM with a Dynamic Range in Lotus 1-2-3.Using @SUM with a Dynamic Range in Lotus 1-2-3.Justin Barnett
27.Dec.164Show details for Printing problem with inserted rows in existing workseetPrinting problem with inserted rows in existing workseetJovan R Milošević
22.Dec.163Show details for Label smartmastersLabel smartmastersMichael DR Price
5.Dec.161Show details for Saved over fileSaved over fileHenk Mr Smit
13.Nov.166Show details for No footnotesNo footnotesJanet B Weston
7.Nov.161Show details for LSS or Approach: Online Help and/or User's ManualLSS or Approach: Online Help and/or User's Manualgfr 92y
7.Nov.164Show details for Cannot run WordPro in Win10Cannot run WordPro in Win10Janet B Weston
21.Oct.16Any one have problems running 123 after Win 10 UpdateDavid V Selby
23.Sep.161Show details for ForAll loop in ApproachForAll loop in ApproachMichael DR Price
15.Sep.16JournallingMichael DR Price
17.Aug.163Show details for 123 runs on Windows 10 64 bit123 runs on Windows 10 64 bitJohn R Rogers
13.Aug.169Show details for Lotus 123 print macro in Win 10Lotus 123 print macro in Win 10David DeBenedictis
2.Aug.161Show details for encrypted *.dbf filesencrypted *.dbf fileskevin hoelck
1.Aug.16ERR displaying in cells after Win 10 upgradeAlan Joynt
31.Jul.163Show details for IF statement errorIF statement errorJorge Junior
21.Jul.161Show details for Cleanup an input to create numberCleanup an input to create numberJohan A Hanekom
20.Jul.166Show details for Many Forum Entriy xpertss links no longer extant?Many Forum Entriy xpertss links no longer extant?William West
16.Jul.168Show details for Convert from Excel to ApproachConvert from Excel to ApproachJorge Junior
13.Jul.161Show details for Sorting blocksSorting blocksvictor G Baron
4.Jul.161Show details for Lotus 123 stops opening after not finding certain driversLotus 123 stops opening after not finding certain driversDonald Bruce
20.Jun.161Show details for Row liocked at top of sheetRow liocked at top of sheetMikel Pappas
5.Jun.16Smart CorrectRichard Booker
5.Jun.16How to import a value from the internet?Jorge Junior
26.May.162Show details for Opening files across a VPNOpening files across a VPNMichael DR Price
25.May.161Show details for 1-2-3 file destroid1-2-3 file destroidRobert Jahn
28.Apr.165Show details for Organiser 6 Win 10 viewing contact detailsOrganiser 6 Win 10 viewing contact detailsRichard F Kenward
27.Apr.164Show details for Organiser 2.1 to 6.00Organiser 2.1 to 6.00Richard F Kenward
20.Apr.16seperate firstname and lastnamerick hambricki
19.Apr.164Show details for User Dictionary size? only 10KBUser Dictionary size? only 10KBJohn Caldicott
18.Apr.161Show details for Type a numeral to the power ofType a numeral to the power ofJack Harriss
17.Apr.16line total prnts 0.00 I want blankJim Vargas
31.Mar.164Show details for Page numbering with divisionsPage numbering with divisionsJanet B Weston
25.Feb.161Show details for Question about textbox in a dialog boxQuestion about textbox in a dialog boxrice 8440
24.Feb.164Show details for Is there a built in Organizer for Lotus NotesIs there a built in Organizer for Lotus NotesSteve Lister
11.Feb.16Approach-App extreamly slow when in Windows DomainMarius D Noetzel
11.Feb.165Show details for Can't Paste Special as TextCan't Paste Special as TextFrancis L. Smith
5.Feb.162Show details for Text style in click here blocksText style in click here blocksMichael DR Price
29.Jan.162Show details for Script stops executing after copy commandScript stops executing after copy commandrice 8440
26.Jan.16Does Smartsuite 9.1 contain Organizer 4.*Martin Roydack
22.Jan.16is it possible to do a query with the data being in another 123 filerice 8440
21.Jan.162Show details for @VLOOKUP script equivalent needed@VLOOKUP script equivalent neededrice 8440
19.Jan.163Show details for Sub not fully finishing before it is overSub not fully finishing before it is overrice 8440
19.Jan.162Show details for Scripted query needing two criteriaScripted query needing two criteriarice 8440
7.Jan.161Show details for Using a script to fill a column in Lotus ApproachUsing a script to fill a column in Lotus ApproachPhilip C Owen
7.Jan.166Show details for Can't edit APRCan't edit APRAlex Ciorita
6.Jan.16highlight line in repeating panelSepp Asanger
26.Dec.152Show details for Status Bar in SmartsuiteStatus Bar in SmartsuiteWilliam J Parkinson
21.Dec.154Show details for How to paste in 10 pitch instead of 12 pitch?How to paste in 10 pitch instead of 12 pitch?Todd Chester
12.Dec.152Show details for Opening Web Pages from a SpreadsheetOpening Web Pages from a SpreadsheetSteven M Shelton
11.Dec.15Lotus Aproachkeith barkan
11.Dec.151Show details for Lotus AproachLotus Aproachkeith barkan
10.Dec.15R5 Install ProblemSheng M Han
7.Dec.151Show details for Upgrade problemUpgrade problemIstvan Kis
27.Nov.15OYZ files in ApproachMichael DR Price
10.Nov.153Show details for 1-2-3 Template & Workbook Properties1-2-3 Template & Workbook PropertiesLen DiMicelli
10.Nov.155Show details for Lotus 123 release 5 for windowsLotus 123 release 5 for windowsremi r Lavoie
2.Nov.153Show details for How to write a formulaHow to write a formulaRussell Boyer
1.Nov.151Show details for Printer causes slowness when opening approachPrinter causes slowness when opening approachJames Randy
29.Oct.154Show details for viewing help in win 8.1viewing help in win 8.1Richard Saunders
23.Oct.155Show details for Getting Lotus Help Files to work in Windows 10Getting Lotus Help Files to work in Windows 10David V Selby
23.Oct.152Show details for Windows 10 macro anomalyWindows 10 macro anomalyDavid V Selby
7.Oct.153Show details for Wordpro White letters on black backgroundWordpro White letters on black backgroundPaul D Bellamy
6.Oct.152Show details for Lotus OrganizerLotus OrganizerRonald Schwartz
24.Sep.151Show details for copying a new entry in a columncopying a new entry in a columnMike D Newman
14.Sep.15How to write in the reverse order?Jorge Junior
31.Aug.151Show details for Reopen dialog after it was closedReopen dialog after it was closedJohan A Hanekom
25.Aug.151Show details for ExecuteScriptExecuteScriptMichael DR Price
18.Aug.151Show details for Windows 10 - International SettingsWindows 10 - International SettingsMichael J. Hawkins
13.Aug.156Show details for Graphs in 1-2-3 are becoming blankGraphs in 1-2-3 are becoming blankMark B Yunker
13.Aug.154Show details for Windows 10Windows 10Steven M Shelton
8.Aug.151Show details for Lotus 123 Nonfunctional sine 7/28/15Lotus 123 Nonfunctional sine 7/28/15John W Naylor
7.Aug.15hide viewSepp Asanger
5.Aug.152Show details for different look of report in design and browse modedifferent look of report in design and browse modeSepp Asanger
5.Aug.151Show details for Approach Fix Pack 6Approach Fix Pack 6gonza a gomez
4.Aug.15Sueandres saavedra
3.Aug.151Show details for change sequence of rows in repeating panelchange sequence of rows in repeating panelSepp Asanger
1.Aug.159Show details for WordPro in Windows 10WordPro in Windows 10Janet B Weston
1.Aug.154Show details for Approach on Windows 10 & Sue SloanApproach on Windows 10 & Sue SloanJames E Campbell
26.Jul.151Show details for Restoring the record numbersRestoring the record numbersMike H Donovan
20.Jul.152Show details for APR file woun't open with Approach 97APR file woun't open with Approach 97john c carson
5.Jul.153Show details for tool to convert 1-2-3 to exceltool to convert 1-2-3 to excelRobert Jahn
3.Jul.15record found not diplaed correctly on formSepp Asanger
3.Jul.151Show details for Convert .prz to .ppt filesConvert .prz to .ppt filesrebecca m stames
26.Jun.15Screen SaverCarol Thomas
23.Jun.153Show details for Prevent scroll to make tabel disappearPrevent scroll to make tabel disappearJohan A Hanekom
22.Jun.152Show details for Default Directory with Wordpro9.8 in win 8.1Default Directory with Wordpro9.8 in win 8.1Jim HY Pierson

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