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19.Mar.156Show details for How to Connect Nonsequential Marker Symbols in a ChartHow to Connect Nonsequential Marker Symbols in a ChartSteven M Shelton
15.Mar.15Picture PlusLiana Howard
11.Mar.151Show details for 123 file not valid system 32 application123 file not valid system 32 applicationhank kiely
10.Mar.151Show details for Approach 9.8Approach 9.8Joe Coletta
15.Feb.151Show details for 1-2-3 drop down messages clarity1-2-3 drop down messages clarityJack Harriss
15.Feb.151Show details for Last version of 1232 Last version of 1232 Jack Harriss
6.Feb.15using variableGiovanni l Navarro
4.Feb.151Show details for Smartsuite 9.6/8 & Windows 8.1Smartsuite 9.6/8 & Windows 8.1Rebecca Grimbly
3.Feb.151Show details for Unsigned driverUnsigned driverAlan H Dale
1.Feb.15set a script call value to a variable fieldkrishna k tiwari
1.Feb.15scrip to fieldkrishna k tiwari
27.Jan.15Dmax to scriptrice 8440
16.Jan.154Show details for /rs to script/rs to scriptrice 8440
14.Jan.154Show details for BAK file problemBAK file problemJohn H Valdata
9.Jan.151Show details for APR file wont open after modifiedAPR file wont open after modifiednick j biniker
4.Jan.152Show details for Suggestion to open Freelance DRW files?Suggestion to open Freelance DRW files?John Traction
27.Dec.141Show details for Avast Blocks Drawen.dllAvast Blocks Drawen.dllSteven M Shelton
4.Dec.14Lotus smartsuite from 9.5 to 9.8Jojo Talim
4.Dec.14Install Lotus Millennium edition on windows 7Jovan R Milošević
14.Nov.14Create Folder andres saavedra
11.Nov.143Show details for Setting background color of textboxSetting background color of textboxDavid L Cole
11.Nov.141Show details for 123 to Approach conversion123 to Approach conversionAlan Dale
11.Nov.14How do I delete a stored findM Mergo
7.Nov.141Show details for Looking for someone to pay - Need file converted from Lotus to ExcelLooking for someone to pay - Need file converted from Lotus to ExcelEd Loggins
4.Nov.142Show details for Problematic macro behaviour in Windows 7Problematic macro behaviour in Windows 7Steven Brown666
30.Oct.142Show details for File aotomatic saveFile aotomatic saveJack Harriss
8.Oct.141Show details for Cell comments missing in 123Cell comments missing in 123John R Rogers
3.Oct.142Hide details for Macro pause issue after migrating to Windows 7Macro pause issue after migrating to Windows 7Steven Brown666
Show details for RE: Macro pause issue after migrating to Windows 7     (Russ Bartoli 4.Oct.14)RE: Macro pause issue after migrating to Windows 7 (Russ Bartoli 4.Oct.14)
2.Oct.143Show details for DecimalsDecimalsTim Ryan 1209
2.Oct.141Show details for Lotusscript in ApproachLotusscript in ApproachTim M Austin
18.Sep.142Show details for Error starting organizer on Win 7Error starting organizer on Win 7Joseph L Mueller
17.Sep.142Show details for Crosstab calculations in ApproachCrosstab calculations in ApproachZbigniew S Dudzinski
19.Aug.143Show details for Organizer working on Windows 7Organizer working on Windows 7Dave Storhaug
14.Aug.143Show details for convert 1-2-3 9 workbook to excel fileconvert 1-2-3 9 workbook to excel fileAnn Yama
30.Jul.141Show details for Lotus SmartSuite 9.5 on Windows 7Lotus SmartSuite 9.5 on Windows 7Tyrone H Faulkner
28.Jul.143Show details for Prtotect Data ModificationPrtotect Data ModificationGulshan Arora
23.Jul.148Show details for How to open .lwp WordPro files on MAC?How to open .lwp WordPro files on MAC?D Claypool
21.Jul.142Show details for Sendkeys not working in windows 7Sendkeys not working in windows 7Melinda F Murphy
18.Jul.141Show details for Word Pro documentsWord Pro documentsBill Ringelstein
17.Jul.142Show details for Install problem with 9.8.2 Install problem with 9.8.2 Ann K Dickey
17.Jul.142Show details for Need to migrate Organizer 6.1 off a serverNeed to migrate Organizer 6.1 off a serverkurt ohare
14.Jul.14Problem signatureMandy Lim
10.Jul.14Internal error on approach databaseMelinda F Murphy
9.Jul.141Show details for Approach and Windows Server 2012Approach and Windows Server 2012Michael W.
7.Jul.141Show details for Word Pro 9.8.2 on Surface 3 !!!Word Pro 9.8.2 on Surface 3 !!!John W Long Jr
2.Jul.142Show details for Disable right click optionDisable right click optionJohan A Hanekom
1.Jul.145Show details for Can't open files with chartsCan't open files with chartsMark Eby
1.Jun.142Show details for Starting Organizer MinimizedStarting Organizer MinimizedPaul D. Bellamy
28.May.144Show details for Wordpro table heading fontsWordpro table heading fontsDavid V Selby
13.May.143Show details for FormulaFormulaTim 1209 Ryan
23.Apr.148Show details for 1-2-3 will not scroll in Windows 7.1-2-3 will not scroll in Windows 7.Christopher J McGath
18.Apr.14Organizer Group Schedulingarmin dahl
10.Apr.141Show details for setting Region  Thailand windows 8.1 fonts not worksetting Region Thailand windows 8.1 fonts not workApichart Karnjanamaneeroj
10.Apr.14Font for lotus Smartsuite 9.8 on windows 8.1Apichart Karnjanamaneeroj
7.Apr.141Show details for Ask function 123 9.8 win7Ask function 123 9.8 win7Charles S Holovka
3.Apr.143Show details for Chart and MacroChart and MacroJM jm goin
3.Apr.141Show details for RangeCombineText cancel updatesheetdisplayRangeCombineText cancel updatesheetdisplayJohan A Hanekom
25.Mar.141Show details for Lotus Approach to AccessLotus Approach to AccessTommy A Fernandez
24.Mar.141Show details for automatically changes to arial MTautomatically changes to arial MTRon C Stanley
23.Mar.14Change to "proper" server OS problemSteve Canty
20.Mar.142Show details for Disable/Enable Horizontal and Vertical Scrollbars separatelyDisable/Enable Horizontal and Vertical Scrollbars separatelyJohan A Hanekom
16.Mar.141Show details for Can't load lotus dialogs dynalinkCan't load lotus dialogs dynalinkDavid J Ireland
9.Mar.142Show details for 123R5 Y2K Patch123R5 Y2K PatchJackie Ward
3.Mar.141Show details for SCRIPT LOTUS SMART SUITESCRIPT LOTUS SMART SUITEgestion de commerce cabinet
15.Feb.1410Show details for Creating a picture that change size in open dialog boxCreating a picture that change size in open dialog boxJohan A Hanekom
10.Feb.144Show details for Changing a picture size with scriptChanging a picture size with scriptJohan A Hanekom
5.Feb.14Subscript out of Range when redim preserve arraybob menendez
4.Feb.141Show details for SS IssuesSS IssuesJohn W Naylor
4.Feb.144Show details for export a single record not entire databaseexport a single record not entire databaseRon Perrone
4.Feb.144Show details for How to format calculated fields on worksheetHow to format calculated fields on worksheetTim 1209 Ryan
20.Jan.14Apply filter command ignoredJames W Forrester Sr
20.Jan.14.apr not working after move to Win7Chris Luc
20.Jan.141Show details for Spurious (?) Error message : cannot move data beyond sheet boundariesSpurious (?) Error message : cannot move data beyond sheet boundariesDonald Bruce
19.Jan.14misssing LGLN12.dllJoanne Sternberg
17.Jan.141Show details for Android App?Android App?STUART HARRIS
15.Jan.141Show details for Color Grid MaCROColor Grid MaCRORuss Bartoli
14.Jan.14Labelled Data TableRuss Bartoli
14.Jan.14Report duplicating entriesTim 1209 Ryan
14.Jan.14Pasting an Approach worksheet as text in MS WordJorge Junior
13.Jan.141Show details for freelance graphicsfreelance graphicsAlan P Langford
8.Jan.142Show details for Find on worksheetFind on worksheetTim 1209 Ryan
8.Jan.14FormulaTim 1209 Ryan
7.Jan.14Lotus 5.0 OrganiserLinda M Frankland
3.Jan.141Show details for Syntax and PossibilitySyntax and PossibilityMatt J Abell
29.Dec.133Show details for Can't print or view legal size reportCan't print or view legal size reportTim 1209 Ryan
25.Dec.134Show details for Print to filePrint to fileTim 1209 Ryan
22.Dec.137Show details for Subtracting a negative fieldSubtracting a negative fieldTim 1209 Ryan
21.Dec.133Show details for If formulaIf formulaTim 1209 Ryan
17.Dec.13printing labels from ApproachLinda C Barnes
17.Dec.134Show details for Macro Branch & Return commandsMacro Branch & Return commandsL. Chen
10.Dec.134Show details for Data QueryData QueryL. Chen
5.Dec.13Problem with 123 on windows 8.1John R Rogers
3.Dec.132Show details for @function to find last value in range containing blank cells and values@function to find last value in range containing blank cells and valuesJohan A Hanekom
29.Nov.131Show details for ForumForumWilliam RH Jones
27.Oct.131Show details for Cannot locate files not in my documentsCannot locate files not in my documentsChrisNoel N Hicks
18.Oct.131Show details for rotate cell content rotate cell content Robert Jahn
14.Oct.132Show details for sheet background colotsheet background colotJohan A Hanekom
8.Oct.135Show details for Converting from R5 to R9Converting from R5 to R9Sheng M Han

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