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Kai-Uwe Rommel 22.Jun.06 10:33 AM a Web browser
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room All Releases All Platforms

I am trying to set up a Sametime server on a machine that has two network interfaces. One is connected to the internal LAN and the other is connected to a DMZ on which it is accessible from the Internet.

The objective is to host meetings which have participants from both LAN and the Internet. I know that I could also use two separate Sametime servers for this purpose (one internal and one in the DMZ) but cost is an issue and if one server can do the job this would be preferred.

I found nothing in the docs against such a setup. However, I cannot get it to work completely. While community services work fine (Sametime Connect clients can connect for chats from both sides), online meetings do only work from the LAN.

Whenever I try to enter a meeting from the external network interface, I always get "disconnected from Sametime" (may not be the actual wording in the english version as I have a german setup and translated the german error message). I get this immediately (at least it looks this way) before I would normally get the prompt for the meeting's password.

That means, the HTTP connection is OK and the meeting room client loads fine, but apparently it fails to connect to the meeting server. I do not see any error message in the browser client's java console. The very same client (a laptop) can connect to meetings just fine when connected to the internal network, so it is not an issue of just this client. I also do not see any message in the server's sametime.log.

I have already found out here about the VP_MULTI_IP_ENV=1 setting for sametime.ini but it does not help.

Does anyone have an idea?

Never mind - I finally found the problem. Not all three fields in the server document of the underlying Domino server which contain the machine's host name were consistent. One contained an alternate host name that was not resolvable from the outside. After correcting that it now works fine.

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