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Alex Nunez 22.Jan.09 04:23 PM a Web browser
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 6.5.1 All Platforms

Hope someone can answer this question.
Is there a setting somewhere within Sametime that controls Keep Alives?

Here is the scenario.
There are 6 servers, 1 top level, 5 down stream servers, and multiple firewalls in an invited server environment.
All meetings are scheduled on the top server which then propogate to the other 5 servers.
With each meeting that goes active on the top server, 2 channels get established to each down server on port 1503.

    TopServer:randomPort to DownServer:1503
    TopServer:randomPort+1 to DownServer:1503
    Note: Random src ports are usually sequential

Bad news: After about an hour, 4 of these 5 1503 channel pairs get dropped by a firewall due to "inactivity".
Afterwards, if anyone joins the meeting on any of these down servers, the share buttons are be greyed out and no longer enabled.

Good news: The one remaining server with the healthy established 1503 channels remains and users connecting to this server will always have their share buttons enabled.

A data packet capture has revealed unique activity going on with this one down server on the 1503 channel pair.
The capture has revealed packets coming back from the down server to the top server every 5 minutes.

These packets appear to be acting as NULL KeepAlives, coming from the down server's 1503 port back to the top server, on the channels originally established by the top server's random port.
These NULL packets are enough to keep the channels open and always get sent at exactly 5 minute intervals.

So again, there is something unique about this server compared to the other 4.
Maybe it's a configurational setting, a check box that needs to be checked/unchecked or a field that needs to be filled in.

Now the question:
Has anyone else experienced this issue or is anyone aware of a setting somewhere within Sametime that controls the generation of the KeepAive signals?


Thanks in advance.

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