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Anders Aslund 22.Sep.13 03:00 PM a Web browser
Server 9.0 Linux

I am trying to install Sametime 9 (Domino part) on OpenSuse 12.3 64-bit server.

I know it is not a supported configuration, it is just for testing.

1) I have installed Domino 9 server. It works fine.
2) Sametime installer complains on first start about a 3 32-bit libraries missing. I install them and the installer continue.
3) After selecting langue and a few steps the installer hangs on accepting EULA. It does not really freeze, just cannot get further.

I cannot find any logs or anything, I have searched the whole filesystem after some logs that can show me what is the problem but I cannot find them. No SametimeInstall.log or similar neither in /tmp or /local/notesdata

Does anybody know any debug-parameters for setuplinux.bin or similar?

I have tried silentinstall with option-linux.txt. But this one just stops after 15 seconds coming back to bash and there is no log files.
community:/opt/Install9/Sametime/SametimeStandardServer/Server # ./setuplinux.bin -console -silent -options options-unix.txt

WARNING: Unable to check requirements for this SuSE release (12.3 0).
Installation will proceed, but may not be successful.

./setuplinux.bin: line 2061: warning: here-document at line 2061 delimited by end-of-file (wanted `/dev/null')
community:/opt/Install9/Sametime/SametimeStandardServer/Server #

I had exactly the same issues earlier with Sametime 8.5.1 and 8.5.2 on OpenSuse, but then I tried Ubuntu Server and the installer worked better.

Any help?

I got a bit furhter by disabling everything IPV6:
echo net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1 > /etc/sysctl.d/disableipv6.conf

But installer "hangs" at a later question in the install process.

[Update 2]
By looking into setuplinux.bin I found a debug parameter:
-is:log /tmp/installog.txt
./setuplinux.bin -console -silent -options options-unix.txt -is:log /tmp/installog.txt

This is the output:
cat /tmp/installog.txt
Log file created by MultiPlatform installer @Sun Sep 22 21:34:46 CEST 2013
Checking the environment variables specifed in the JVM files to find the JVM...
No JVM can be found using the shell environment variable. Searching JVM will continue with Path Hints specified in the JVM Files...
jvm files not specified. Searching a JVM can not be performed.
Extracting bundled JRE...
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
installing bundled JRE...
Verifying... /tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_/bin/java -cp /tmp/istemp7445265213446/Verify.jar Verify java.vendor java.version
Verification passed for /tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_ using the JVM file /tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_/jvm.
-cp:p operand is empty
-cp:a operand is empty
Installer JAR archive is not embedded.
extracting embedded jars in the archive.
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
extracting embedded jars in the archive.
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
extracting embedded jars in the archive.
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
extracting embedded jars in the archive.
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
extracting embedded jars in the archive.
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
extracting embedded jars in the archive.
disk space checking turned off/skipped.
Run time Java arguments are not specified.
Java argument INIT_JAVA_HEAP is not defined in the JVM file /tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_/jvm.
Java argument MAX_JAVA_HEAP is not defined in the JVM file /tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_/jvm.
setting up prelaunch environment
LAUNCH_COMMAND="/tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_/bin/java" -cp .:::::"./setup.jar":::"/tmp/istemp7445265213446/ant-nodeps.jar":"/tmp/istemp7445265213446/STCore.jar":"/tmp/istemp7445265213446/Notes.jar":"/tmp/istemp7445265213446/stinstallutils.jar":"/tmp/istemp7445265213446/consoleDepClient14.jar":"/tmp/istemp7445265213446/commons-codec-1.3.jar":::: -Dtemp.dir="/tmp" -Dis.jvm.home="/tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_" -Dis.jvm.temp="1""" -Dis.launcher.file="/opt/Install9/Sametime/SametimeStandardServer/Server/./setuplinux.bin" -Dis.jvm.file="/tmp/istemp7445265213446/_bundledJRE_/jvm" -Dis.external.home="/opt/Install9/Sametime/SametimeStandardServer/Server/." run "-console" "-silent" "-options" "options-unix.txt" 1>&1 2>>/tmp/istemp7445265213446/APP_STDERR

[Update 3]
I increased memory to 3GB (from 1GB) and installer installed Sametime!!!

Installing IBM Sametime Server 9.0. Please wait...

0 % complete
10 % complete
20 % complete
30 % complete
40 % complete
50 % complete
60 % complete
70 % complete
80 % complete
90 % complete
100 % complete
relativeUrlFormat : /console/deployment/getAnonTokenSecret
Finished writing shared secret

Creating uninstaller...

Finalizing the Vital Product Data Registry. Please wait...

IBM Sametime Server 9.0

The InstallShield Wizard has successfully installed IBM Sametime Server 9.0.
Choose Finish to exit the wizard.

Press 3 to Finish or 5 to Redisplay [3]

(So on OpenSuse the amount of memory is important, I did not have this issue when installing on Ubuntu server with exact same configuration)

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