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Pam Assivero 16.Feb.12 12:15 PM a Web browser
Server 7.5.1 Windows

I've presently got a ST 7.5.1 server. We've been upgrading all of our Domino servers to 8.5.x and in the process we've had to move them all to newer hardware, upgrade the OS and then do a clean install of Domino. It's all worked very well for us. My next server to do is the Sametime server.

We aren't going to be rolling out all of the additional features that now are available with Sametime due to resources, funds, etc. I'm planning to basically install the same server we're running now but on the latest release. I believe that's the Community Server? Please correct me if I"m wrong.

I have to download the software from Passport Advantage and I'm a bit confused as to which file I need. Also, if I'm installing ST8.5.2 does that have to be installed on ND8.5.2 as well or can I use ND8.5.3?

I see this listed on PA site "IBM Sametime Standard V8.5.2 IFR 1 Multiplatform Multilingual eAssembly(CRG85ML)". Expanded it lists "IBM Sametime Community Server V8.5.2 IFR 1 Windows Multilingual(CI3Y9ML)" Is this the file I need? Do I need anything else?

I also have a user that has asked me in about a full ST client, like existed before they integrated it into the Notes client. Does that exist?


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