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Adam Niedzwiedzki 9.Feb.13 10:13 PM a Web browser
Audio/visual services 8.5.2 Windows

Hi All,

My setup is very straight forward (followed the Zero to Hero guide, apart from I have each "service" on it's own machine)
Also I have added a TURN server only from the Zero to Hero Edge guide, this is due to most of the sametime clients being NAT'd behind business routers etc.

I have 7 servers setup, all running windows 2003 Standard SP2.
I have updated the hosts file's on all 7 servers so they are identical.
The Trust settings has listed all 7 IP's in there.
All of the servers have a single IP address.
All servers computer names are ST-00, ST-01 etc EXCEPT for the media manger server it's name is media with DNS suffix of

ST-00 (Sametime Console Server)
ST-01 (Domino 8.5.2 + Sametime Community Server)
ST-02 (Sametime Meeting Server) (Sametime Media Manager Server)
ST-04 (Sametime Proxy Server)
ST-06 (TURN Server)

(The below are not deployed or configured yet)
ST-05 (Sametime Advanced Server)

So first off,
I need to hit the meeting server on port 9080 how/where do I go to change it to just be 80 and 443 so I can hit directly and get the meeting page.

Second is the same as above except for the (the proxy server) so that I can hit it on 80 or 443 and get the Sametime web client.

Third (which seems to be a running issue with most people when I googled around) I get no A/V options at all via the the browser meeting. A/V works fine via the Sametime client (including behind NAT), just via the Browser the Voice and Video section up in the top left is just blank. It doesn't say Not Available it's just empty.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Sametime - No Voice and Video via t... (Adam Niedzwiedz... 9.Feb.13)
. . RE: Sametime - No Voice and Video v... (Damian Bystrzyk... 21.Feb.13)

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