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Show details for Daylight Saving TimeDaylight Saving Time
Show details for DBD cannot get the list of address books for the local server.DBD cannot get the list of address books for the local server.
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13.Mar.181Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/18793ce8ac5cc60c8525824f0078cc67?OpenDocument TITLE="Hello, WSametime Proxy server access for mobile usersIlya Bagirov
4.Jan.18Notification and Popup with inotes and SametimeFurlan Cecile
20.Sep.172Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/f0abd8c773b90dfc852581a1006afde9?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi, I amHow to disable Play sound on chat responseSecret Hero
4.Jul.172Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/f182d2c268f1b2ac80258153002dc784?OpenDocument TITLE="Hey IBM.Sametime 90.1 FP1Ben Williams
19.May.17Screen capture not matchingFilip Albert
18.May.171Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/ff8a44fafc2f53fa8525812400453d9d?OpenDocument TITLE="Who can Sametime Preferences and iNotes userFurlan Cecile
8.May.173Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/fd13b30c2ca0d6e18525811a0042fc85?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi,XML Parsing Error: ---stwebapi ----Tomasz tj Janin
27.Apr.172Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/a6c7c1d02ebc03ed8525810f00283be5?OpenDocument TITLE="Hello,stconfig.nsf -Chat Logging Flag - relax, failRoman Valasek
2.Feb.171Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/f06139f30be2e04b852580bb0073c48d?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi,Embedded sametime client missing from sidebarLars Koenig
4.Aug.162Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/f00e3e1a7e432a48852580050032c0d9?OpenDocument TITLE="Hello, YProblems after updatesStanislaw Lenkiewicz
12.Apr.162Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/6ea17d4fa5c15c2385257f930049b035?OpenDocument TITLE="Did someSSO SAML support for Sametime 9.0.xAlexander Novak
7.Apr.161Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/6e2f4557d704069f85257f8e00592b6e?OpenDocument TITLE="Hello, WSametime disable typing indicatorGabe Dare
5.Apr.161Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/8ef42374f26e296185257f8c004c7c31?OpenDocument TITLE="Release Sametime online cannot send or receive chatsMariana Carter
17.Mar.161Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/3cb7661379d02dd385257f790071140b?OpenDocument TITLE="The sameIssue with Sametime (Sidebar)Ryan Carlin
31.Dec.15ST Primary contacts picture blankTosh Bimbra
3.Dec.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/e7f8dc09aa75b1b485257f100065843b?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi It sasamtime 9 1to1 chatt/videobopedibop bopedibop
20.Nov.153Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/4d0c337aad6ad69485257f030040bbb2?OpenDocument TITLE="Hellosametime proxy ldap, CWWIM4520Ebopedibop bopedibop
18.Nov.151Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/03ff7aecd8f3afd985257f0100747039?OpenDocument TITLE="Hello, ISametime - EmoticonsKyle Rountree
17.Nov.151Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/16380821de32e24a85257f00005638d3?OpenDocument TITLE="Is thereAlerts - can you prevent them?Cathy Harmon
12.Nov.154Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/ff48b4e8728dd37185257efb007f09da?OpenDocument TITLE="We've goSome shared screens show as white or greyPam Assivero
10.Nov.15Sametime and SPNEGOBen Williams
10.Nov.153Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/4241524abba1d60885257ef90034191e?OpenDocument TITLE="I am surSametime 9 Status MessagesIan Myers
7.Oct.154Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/07ab3d4a4280531280257ed700697cf9?OpenDocument TITLE="We have Convert buddy list from Domio LDAP to ADBen Williams
26.Aug.151Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/9c55d3bf00af364c85257ead004934ea?OpenDocument TITLE="Is thereLimit meeting duration Steven Joseph
13.Aug.154Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/43471235b4b4666c85257ea000206cf2?OpenDocument TITLE="CWLAA600Sametime 9 Connect to LDAPVijay Pandey
12.Aug.154Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/80f47e41380dbb9785257e9f0053ee0a?OpenDocument TITLE="Dear AllAIDSC0033E: Could not initialize framework in Ssametime system Console 9Vijay Pandey
3.Aug.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/fa271b25f48d46d580257e9600522c83?OpenDocument TITLE="I have aUpdating Sametime administrative/database passwordsBen Williams
16.Jul.15Sametime in iNotesStefan Slezak
11.Jun.156Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/1d6cefe66b8bcbcc85257e61005c25e4?OpenDocument TITLE="This mayChat History settings changingPam Assivero
9.Jun.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/af2fd7d559c090d885257e5f00635bfc?OpenDocument TITLE="LN 9.01 Sametime crashes the client once user sends a chat.Wongo Wongo
9.Jun.15Sametime crashes the client once user sends a chat.Wongo Wongo
13.May.153Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/b1da7a4d3611856485257e44004be977?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi, I usCannot join a meeting roomStanislaw Lenkiewicz
4.May.153Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/0ef44df525f1c26c85257e3b005fd5de?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi All, Installing Sametime Community 9 with System Console (Error)Shane Lewis
8.Apr.15Surnames cut in the ST chat windowStanislaw Lenkiewicz
2.Apr.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/72bd0cfa32b1d9f185257e1b004d8941?OpenDocument TITLE="Hello, wOnline awareness from mail inbox viewTekterra Xia
20.Mar.153Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/ca0c8a40817e944f85257e0e0064a2f2?OpenDocument TITLE="It appeaMeetings in a browserPam Assivero
19.Mar.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/80a58aa54d3e1f9985257e0d00763788?OpenDocument TITLE="We've juSurface Pro 3 and Sametime MeetingsPam Assivero
18.Mar.156Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/a97a141e0ca491e085257e0c0046d4de?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi Is itSametime Complete small deploymentbopedibop bopedibop
14.Mar.15Sametime mozalloc.dll errorlee mitchell
14.Mar.154Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/679e088a3234620a85257e08003b5adc?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi In mySametime mozalloc.dll errorlee mitchell
25.Feb.154Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/b6b6edca92f0ab2985257df7004492a8?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi Is itinstall Sametime proxy and no sametime consolebopedibop bopedibop
18.Feb.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/97f30e419800935085257df00033397a?OpenDocument TITLE="I am unaSametime Web Administration Password Forgotsyed jahanzaib
4.Feb.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/6383bc70337a924785257de2001e0220?OpenDocument TITLE="Am experST Meeting Node Fails To StartJon S Albright
31.Jan.151Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/cd76e74bd12ca52085257dde00528eb0?OpenDocument TITLE="Going thSametime 9 Connection PolicyJon S Albright
30.Jan.156Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/df0f555b05446da580257ddd0055a6a8?OpenDocument TITLE="A customIsolate two community servers in the same Domino domainBen Williams
29.Jan.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/9f952569c9482a3d80257ddc003d6b2e?OpenDocument TITLE="For a cuForcing all external AV traffic over 443Ben Williams
27.Jan.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/ce2ff0a2a8ef69f480257dda003e2f14?OpenDocument TITLE="I was thMultitenancy support in ST 9Ben Williams
26.Jan.15Sametime Business Card: Dual Repository Photo, Wrong Photo Show by Common Name Khandakar Am Faisal
24.Jan.154Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/5997133f9f95ba7b85257dd8000ed848?OpenDocument TITLE="CurrentlMigrating to new Sametime environment but need to keep old server temporarilyPam Assivero
19.Jan.152Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/9921ae824dd88d5e80257dd20059506d?OpenDocument TITLE="I'm tryiLDAP search filterBen Williams
13.Jan.151Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/b12fcfaf559a23be85257dcc00751ef8?OpenDocument TITLE="Hello! NSametime 9 Alphabetical SortScott Ratliff
9.Jan.151Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/280209b175cdf30d85257dc8003896e0?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi! I haSametime portlet doesn't perform autologinFabrizio Torani
22.Dec.141Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/86ff92cc3941b7a185257db6007713a5?OpenDocument TITLE="I have i[SOLVED] AIDSC1530E: Sametime Proxy Server is not available, try later.Anders Aslund
17.Dec.143Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/24a97706408f8f7d85257db100572261?OpenDocument TITLE="We have Directory unreachable after installing Domino Hotfix 457brian koomen
21.Nov.14AIDSC1349E: Could not retrieve data from server: Make sure the server is running and connected to the network. syed sulthan ahamed
6.Nov.142Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/a74931167b7c5b9e85257d8800445fe7?OpenDocument TITLE="Is thereIs there a way to have multiple Sametime 9 clients (PC + mobile) that share chat history ?Morar Tiberiu
4.Nov.142Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/f78554f7bcc6f1ad85257d86007e16fd?OpenDocument TITLE="I recentMultiple Domino LDAP directories, Community Servers & the SSC – BewareStuart Hickson
28.Oct.148Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/b0c03689b7aaf37885257d7f0052e976?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi, I'm Sametime meetings are not recordingBen Williams
29.Sep.14Remove the need to append "sip:" when dialling usign SUT Lite clientBen Williams
8.Sep.141Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/f1843b5e95958e7685257d4d00440b8d?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi, So IError connecting to Sametime proxy server. Please contact your administratorOkio OL Luna
2.Sep.141Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/1bb9f898e329ba4785257d47005422b4?OpenDocument TITLE="All of aThe public group <GroupName> cannot be added because its size could not be determinedMichael Peets
2.Sep.14SUT in ST9.0 is unable to direct call to computerCandy Yi
29.Aug.147Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/ccb5108ee72e2c1c85257d43004987b8?OpenDocument TITLE="We have Public group description not showing up when searching for one.Rub East
28.Aug.142Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/64fa3e7d147a511785257d4200538e8d?OpenDocument TITLE="Is thereSametime logWongo Wongo
19.Aug.142Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/467bc417f781706785257d39003e785f?OpenDocument TITLE="Hi, I amDB2 Enterprise Server Wont InstallOkio OL Luna
19.Aug.14DB2 Enterprise Sever Wont InstallOkio OL Luna
14.Aug.144Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/425a904bdef78b0c85257d3400403219?OpenDocument TITLE="I have uDuplicated BluePages linkJun Yoon
5.Aug.147Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/CategoryAllThreadedweb/c845782b3f922fbd85257d2b007201a6?OpenDocument TITLE="I'm stilTrying to determine number of servers required for ST9 installationPam Assivero

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