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Steven RobertsTivoli 12.Jan.04 01:34 PM a Web browser
Deverloper Toolkits 3.0 All Platforms

Attention: Lotus Sametime Guru
Re: Lotus Sametime 3.0 and the Sametime 3.0 Java Toolkit

I am having a problem with getting Sametime User Permissions to work using the Java Toolkit 3.0. I am using Sametime 3.0 and everything works fine with my Sametime server setup - all functions are working. I have all service packs and no problems executing any of the other samples or using any Sametime function or feature.

I am using the Meeting Room Sample that is installed with the Sametime 3.0 Toolkit. For my project, I need to allow a moderator to set permissions for Sametime users. The documentation for this toolkit and the notes stored in the STSamplePermissionManager class says you should be able to do this.

I am able to launch the Meeting Room Client Sample but the Permission buttons and moderator functions do not work. The buttons are gray and cannot be clicked. Those buttons are responsible for setting permissions of other users in that Sametime place(section). If I modify the code to force the first local user to become moderator the buttons appear. I can click them and the proper methods are being called in the code. I can see them when I debug. The method that sends user permissions changes is called sendData() and is located in setPermissions(STUser[] users, int permission_type) of the STSamplePermissionManager class.

My questions are as follows:

1. Why are permissions disabled in this sample? There is no other documentation for this sample.

2. Do permissions work with Sametime 3.0 and the Java 3.0 Toolkit?

3. Is there a problem with setting permissions using our setup (ST 3.0 SP1) or s there a task that needs to be performed or code that needs to be added in addition to the code used in your Meeting Room Sample?

If you have additional source code that demonstrates permissions other than the source code that ships with the Sametime 3.0 Java Toolkit can you please send that code?


Steven Roberts


The final code that is being executed is as follows:

* Attempts to change the permissions settings of the
* specified users. The local user must currently be
* the Meeting Moderator.
* @param users
* The STUsers to apply the permission change to.
* @param permission_type
* The permission type, one of the following values:
public void setPermissions(STUser[] users, int permission_type)
String users_string = new String("");

System.out.println ("0) PM: Setting Permissions ....");
System.out.println ("00) PM: Meeting Moderator: "+MEETING_MODERATOR);
System.out.println ("000) PM: Is_Moderator?: "+Is_Moderator);
System.out.println ("1) PM: setPermissions > Now setting permission type: " + permission_type);

// Build a list of STUser ID's separated by semi-colons ";".
for (int i = 0; i < users.length; i++)
users_string = users_string + users[i].getId().getId()+";";

// Send the data message to the meeting activity on the server.
if (Meeting_Activity != null)

Meeting_Activity.sendData(permission_type, users_string.getBytes());


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