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Ben Timms 18.Jul.12 09:06 PM a Web browser
Audio/visual services 8.5.2 IFR1 Windows

We are about to deploy desktop video conferencing using SUT Lite with a Polycom bridge and we'd like to apply Quality of Service.

We'd like to QoS both the connection to the SIP Proxy/Register on the Media Manager (TCP 5080), as well as the data stream. I believe is RTP embedded in UDP packets from 20830 for audio, 20832 for video). I think the range is 100 ports from this, and it gets incremented by 2, but I can't find where I read that again.

I've done a netstat -an with and without a call, and from what I can see the difference is:

UDP <internal client IP>::20830 *:*
UDP <internal client IP>::20831 *:*
UDP <internal client IP>::20834 *:*
UDP <internal client IP>::20835 *:*

These ports seem to be the same regardless of how many participants or location (limited testing).

This was an audio and video call, does this mean 2 ports are used for audio (incoming and outgoing), and 2 ports are used for video (incoming and outgoing) ?

We want end-end QoS so we'd need it on the connection from the Media Manager to the Polycom DMA then onto the RMX and back.

I think it would be like this for multipoint calls:

Client -> Media Manager -> Polycom DMA -> Polycom RMX -> Polycom DMA -> Media Manager -> Client

and for point to point calls:
Client -> Media Manager -> Client

Client Port: UDP 2083xx & TCP 5080
Media Manager: 5060 (TCP?)
Polycom DMA/RMX: 5060 (TCP?)

Servers and clients are all internal, so no firewall traversal is required.

Has anyone done this before? If so please share your thoughts/advice!


How to apply QoS for Sametime / Pol... (Ben Timms 18.Jul.12)
. . RE: How to apply QoS for Sametime /... (Ben Timms 19.Jul.12)

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