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Tanny O'Haley 10.Apr.03 06:19 PM a Web browser
Sametime Developers Toolkit 3.0 Windows NT/2000

I have a page that I call from a page that lists the user on the page using writeSametimeLink() function. The first time the page loads I can see the applet start and the links change their status.

If I close the window, wait 5 minutes, then reopen the page the links don't change from offline status for up to 40 seconds. This confuses the users who think that the names are not online. They then close the window without initiating a chat. Is there any way to tell the applet to look to see if the names are online quicker?

It appears if the applet is running without any load time. I am trapping the STLinksAppletStarted() and STLinksLoggedIn() and they are firing. If the user presses <Ctrl-F5> to hard reload the page, the link status changes almost immediately. Here's my code.

<title>Sametime Users in a message</title>
<LINK REL=STYLESHEET HREF="<CODEBASE>/stlinks.css" TYPE="text/css">
<SCRIPT src="<CODEBASE>/stlinks.js"></SCRIPT>

function STLinksAppletStarted() {
AppletStatus.innerHTML = "Sametime started. If you are still waiting after 10 seconds to be logged in, press &lt;ctrl-F5&gt; to re-start.";

function STLinksLoggedIn(myUserId, myUserName) {
AppletStatus.innerHTML = myUserName + " logged into Sametime. If your name doesn't appear green after 10 seconds, press &lt;ctrl-F5&gt; to re-start.";


<body bgcolor="white">
<hr color=black>
<div id=AppletStatus style="padding: 10px;">Waiting for Sametime to start. If you are still waiting after 10 seconds press &lt;ctrl-F5&gt; to start.</div>
<div align=center><input type=button onclick="window.close();" value="Close"></div>
writeSTLinksApplet("<USERNAME>", "<USERPASSWORD>", false)

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