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Pam Assivero 12.Nov.15 06:07 PM a Web browser
Sametime Standard 9.0 Windows

We've got the latest version of Sametime setup.
We've had issues of some sort pretty much since we rolled it out.
Most we've resolved.
However, there is one issue that I don't have an answer for. I don't even know (or think) it's Sametime specific, but I can't prove it.

We recently installed the cumulative hot fix that enabled the use of plug ins in browsers for Meetings, instead of Java. This seems to have resolved the issue we had been experiencing although we have had to use Firefox for meetings in a browser because there were too many issues with IE (not able to actually get the plug in to install). It works well in Firefox, and it's fast.

However, there's an issue that our VP is experiencing. I have heard from no one else, and so don't know if anyone else has this issue. And I can't recreate it.

He told me that he was hosting a meeting in his Notes client and the two attendees, who both happened to be outside our WAN coudn't see anything. They just saw a white screen where his should have been. And I believe they were using their clients. That was several weeks ago, and he's used his meeting room since without issue. Until today. He was using the desktop in our boardroom where meetings are run through the browser. We got the hot fix installed on the server yesterday and working, and he saw it working yesterday. He also tested it with me. He used the same meeting room as always, shared the screen and I was able to view it through my client.

Today, however, he was in the boardroom again, using the same meeting room, and a colleague at home on VPN using her Notes client, was only seeing white where his shared screen should have been. I tried at the office on my client and it was the same. We tried a browser for her, the space was grey. We also had her try off VPN, and it was the same. She could not see his screen.


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