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Hide details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f8eda13dac55e270802580e200348bc2?OpenDocument>RE: Sametime 9.0RE: Sametime 9.0.1 - External User wait 2 minutes to make Audio Call (Ben Williams 13.Mar.17)
Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/829fa907e813b810852580e2003993dc?OpenDocument>RE: Sametime 9.0RE: Sametime 9.0.1 - External User wait 2 minutes to make Audio Call (Dung Mr Nguyen 13.Mar.17)
bape newbalance
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/5507a2745284505f852580df002d58a3?OpenDocument>Use displayname Use displayname instead of cn, uid or mail when searching person in 'add contacts' function
I am testing Sametime 901 which required me to setup LDAP server. We have a directory assistance that points to a directory...
Christine Gordinier
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/a1296dd2b0954d7d852580dc006738a4?OpenDocument>add business caradd business card photo using xpages
We would like to create a web based application using Xpages to allow users to add their own photo, so when viewing...
Thomas J Bergen
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/9bba2088d7851dc8852580d7004b3d91?OpenDocument>Sametime MeetingSametime Meeting Save Report to Connections Files fails for users
We observe the issue that users are not able to save the report of a meeting to Connections Files while as an admin user is...
LDD Webmaster
SCHEDULED OUTAGE March 3 - 5 2017
Due to planned maintenance, this forum will be unavailable from 3:30 PM Eastern Standard Time on Friday, March 3, 2017 to...
Lal Vasantha
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c977d70672263efc852580d00058ec9b?OpenDocument>Sametime AdvanceSametime Advanced installation
Hi, How do I install Sametime Advanced? How do I know if I already have Sametime Advanced as part of the Sametime? When is...
Gabe Dare
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/dd9fadc97adea7da852580c00081bfbb?OpenDocument>Sametime ConnectSametime Connect Failure to load meetings
Hello, I am trying to completely start from scratch and reinstall Sametime connect on RH 7.3. I ran this command "yum...
Lars Koenig
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f06139f30be2e04b852580bb0073c48d?OpenDocument>Embedded sametimEmbedded sametime client missing from sidebar
i have several users with Notes 9.0.1 client where the embedded Sametime client is missing from the Sidebar. The...
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/6ad58926b59fc46e8525809e0060da44?OpenDocument>Migrate certificMigrate certificate to new version of Sametime Proxy Server 9
Help me please. I will migrate the Sametime Proxy server 8.5.2 to the new version 9.0 and it will be necessary to migrate...
Arnaud Let
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/bd209f183274d63185258079004a1738?OpenDocument>[Solved] Sametim[Solved] Sametime 9 Connect: Sametime cannot connect to the following meeting room server.
After installing Sametime Client on several PCs, I realized that some of them have trouble connecting to the meeting...
Arnaud Let
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/18b6e013ae98473e85258079003daaa6?OpenDocument>Sametime Web PluSametime Web Plugin issues IE and Firefox
I was tasked to ensure that the transition from Sametime 8.5 to 9 at my workplace went smoothly. Sadly, it didn't....
jac Pineau
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/22c530f3deea9c898525806000512e70?OpenDocument>SSO with iNotes<SSO with iNotes
Hi, When integrating sametime chat in iNotes, is it mandatory to use a was ltpatoken instead of the standard domino sso...
Brian Whitlow
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/3863e86273643f968525805d005b2181?OpenDocument>Install CommunitInstall Community and Proxy server on same machine
We are going to install Sametime in our environment and right now we just want to go with Community and Proxy servers. I...
uwe jandt
you cannot login to sametime at this time
Hi all,
after changing my in the notes client, (and also after changing back to the former, I cannot...
Markku M Hanninen
6Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/809227fc0ca57cdb8525805a0030a3ba?OpenDocument>meeting room permeeting room performance tuning
Hi, We have customer with small infrastructure (one server each type) installed and we have ran into performance problems...
Tom Bolton
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/4b5f54838f726b328525804a00746a3b?OpenDocument>Sametime Proxy cSametime Proxy client doesn't save preferences - cannot set offline users to not appear on the list
As in the subject. Cannot set the preference to disable the visibility of offline users on the contact list - public users...
Benjamin CEREDE
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/43b8aba48d4ed784852580490038a961?OpenDocument>Sametime 9 unablSametime 9 unable to init sip proxy failed
Hi everybody, I have issue with Sametime web client 9. When i try to access in virtual room I get error message : Unable to...
jac Pineau
[solved] high cpu load
Hi, On a new sametime 9.0.1 installation on windows 2012 (only community+SCC+STProxy), the CPU spikes to 100% (java...
Anders Aslund
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/60d885df62908be48525802e005c24e5?OpenDocument>[Solved] Policys[Solved] Policys for Sametime 9 without SSC
I recently installed a Sametime 9.0.1 without SSC. The admin settings on the http:// /servlet/auth/admin does not have any...
Max Stuke
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/a33be39b347ba2dd8525801200355370?OpenDocument>Error registerinError registering gateway with ssc
Hi everyone, im getting an error trying to register a sametime gateway with the ssc. Im running the registerproduct.bat...
Lakshmi Vall
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/ee1fedcb3505d7bb8525800a004e7e36?OpenDocument>Receiving 403 erReceiving 403 error from ChatRoom rest api while trying to add Chat room to use folder
Hi Everyone, I am trying to add a chat room to a user folder named 'Training' , initially the request to add the rooms...
Ben Williams
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/5315cea9687f485b8025800a003991ac?OpenDocument>Does Sametime 9.Does Sametime 9.0.1 support WAS FP9?
Does 9.0.1 support FP9? IBM's documentation is always slow to update and Clarity only shows the bandwidth manager...
Stanislaw Lenkiewicz
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f00e3e1a7e432a48852580050032c0d9?OpenDocument>Problems after uProblems after updates
Hello, Yesterday I installed updates for IBM Sametime Connect (stand-alone) and IBM ST embedded. I used the ISSI EZUpdate...
Lakshmi Vall
How to add Invitees list to chat rooms using Rest api
Hi All, I am trying to add invitees list to the chat room using same time advanced rest api call. I am passing Array...
Daniel JANS
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c16bc69cd14df0ff85258003006270f8?OpenDocument>VMCU</a>][<br><fVMCU
Anybody has been able to install VMCU on Centos 6. I got this message after "bash -x". Do I really have got to go to 4...
Daniel JANS
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/1f043b80e6faf3ec85257ffe0055a4c8?OpenDocument>Losing the SamtiLosing the Samtime Console
Was trying to install the Media manager ... I had to uninstall it for different reasons ... As soon as I did it, the...
Daniel JANS
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/a9b761fa4ce8a27985257ff60059ccae?OpenDocument>Installation of Installation of vmgr on Amazon
The version i am using is 9.0.1 ( not available in the list above ). I have strictly followed the ZERO to HERO instrutcions...
jac Pineau
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/156fdeff466724ff85257fef002f71ce?OpenDocument>Connections BusiConnections Business card
I have an issue with Connections Business card in sametime chat web client (release 9.0.1). I've set the profiles URL in...
Peter A Hall
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/e6f36055d700eb2e85257fe900383a37?OpenDocument>Deleting redundaDeleting redundant meeting rooms
Silly question of the day...Is there a way that I ( as an administrator ) can delete old meeting rooms ? Tried googling but...
jac Pineau
10Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f95adbe208988f9185257fe8005a8565?OpenDocument>Sametime 9.0.1 sSametime 9.0.1 sdk
Hi all, Is Sametime 9.0.1 SDK available and if so where can we download it ? Many...
Lakshmi Vall
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/a19598974e539b5185257fe20058cf99?OpenDocument>Receiving CORS eReceiving CORS error while consuming chatroom Rest APIs
Hi , I am receiving CORS error while trying to consume Same time advanced Chat room rest API's . how to over come this...
Lakshmi Vall
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/65c8b2a1954caa2785257fe20057dcd9?OpenDocument>How to configureHow to configure alert Notifications from Chat Room Rest API service
Hi Everyone, we are looking into Same time Advanced Chat room rest api services. we would like to know if we can configure...
jac Pineau
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/58e27e10c43f26e685257fd80030812b?OpenDocument>Meeting gest accMeeting gest access
Hi All, With the latest release (9.0.1), the guest link in sametime meeting does not work (nothing appends when clicking)....
bopedibop bopedibop
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/0e00f0d49b22131e85257fd4004b3337?OpenDocument>Sametime proxy cSametime proxy chatt logging
Hello Is it possible to logg the web chatt in a st proxy server. Perhaps the ipnumber...
bopedibop bopedibop
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f30be925940c023985257fbd00232a5b?OpenDocument>SSO between diffSSO between diffrent cells
Hello I have setup IBM Connecitons and is about to fix the SSO to get awareness, but the st proxy server is in its own...
Klaus Karby
8Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/5c4d992203e7501485257fb90044e8e9?OpenDocument>Sametime 9.0.1 CSametime 9.0.1 Community server only?
Hi. I tried searching release notes and requirements without any clear answers, so does anyone know : Does the Sametime...
jac Pineau
sametime 9.0.1
Hi all, I have recently installed the latest release (9.0.1). When accessing sametime preferences inside iNotes, change...
Lars Koenig
How can i set "Automatically log in" for all my users? (SOLVED)
i have set-up a Sametime Server (9.0 w32) on Domino (9.0.1 w32). And i have managed to configure "Domino SSO" for the...
Dung Mr Nguyen
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/2887d124f0436b6685257fb40024e559?OpenDocument>Sametime 9 - ChaSametime 9 - Chat logging and Multiple session
Hi all, I have many questions about sametime chat logging and login multiple session. I configure sametime LOCAL and REMOTE...
Steven Joseph
Force Group Chat particpant to leave
With ST 9 Connect client group chat, is there a way to force a participant out of a group chat session? I know a...
leaveno m peterson
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/9c1c15538de264d885257fac007a6e32?OpenDocument>Sametime</a>][<bSametime
My sametime changed information on a customers account without my knowing it. A complaint was called in when they pulled...
Stefan Slezak
Sametime contact list in inotes
Hello, My problem is Sametime contact list in sidebar. I can't see Sametime contact list in inotes after logon. If I touch...
Will Nash
8Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/8bdd2dab91400f4685257f940078d8fe?OpenDocument>Sametime VersionSametime Version?
Installing Domino and Sametime. I installed Domino 9.01 X86 on a Windows 2012 server without problems. But I cannot figure...
Alexander Novak
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/6ea17d4fa5c15c2385257f930049b035?OpenDocument>SSO SAML supportSSO SAML support for Sametime 9.0.x
Did someone installed the Sametime 9 Patch for SSO SAML support ?
Gabe Dare
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/6e2f4557d704069f85257f8e00592b6e?OpenDocument>Sametime disableSametime disable typing indicator
Hello, What I am looking to do is disable "... is typing..." and the indicator over the user name that shows a pen when...
Mariana Carter
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/8ef42374f26e296185257f8c004c7c31?OpenDocument>Sametime online Sametime online cannot send or receive chats
Release 9.0.1 (64-bit) We recently upgraded to El Capitan, on two of the Macs we cannot send or receive messages using...
Daniel Mendes de Oliveira e Silva
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/8d5b5ccb31ae1fa585257f8600500002?OpenDocument>The table SSCSCHThe table SSCSCHEDTREG in datasource jdbc/sscScheduler used by scheduler resource SSC Update Scheduler (sched/sscUpdateScheduler) is missing or is not accessible.
When installing Sametime System Console 9.0 HotFix SPIR-9VM7XJ I'm seeing the following error in the SystemOut.log for...
Ravinda Mahagamasekera
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/70fe09f38a1f97bc85257f8500203b52?OpenDocument>Sametime PrivacySametime Privacy List
Hi.. Once when I was using Sametime 8(?) versions, I changed the privacy settings to allow only a selected few to see me...
Dmitry Kochetkov
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/369691589ca0dc1485257f81005a89b7?OpenDocument>Media Manager isMedia Manager issue
Hello! I've got a straightforward question: My Sametime Media Server is functioning OK save for one but really annoying...
John zc
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/cb80f14741373bae85257f7b00202e45?OpenDocument>VMGR connectionsVMGR connections fail, DMA700 Alert and SystemOut ERROR
Sametime 9.0 VMGR(9001-ST-Media-FP-SGHH-9ZK9MK) have been installed
1. the following alerts can be seen with the...
Ryan Carlin
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/3cb7661379d02dd385257f790071140b?OpenDocument>Issue with SametIssue with Sametime (Sidebar)
The sametime Contacts tab in the sidebar has been set to open in a new window. When I close that window it is suppose to...
Ninke Westra
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/1c751b68e21a924f85257f7700438c06?OpenDocument>Is it possible SIs it possible Sametime 8.5 to Sametime 8.0 communities with basic chat & awareness license
One of our customers has a Sametime 8.5.2 Entry (basic chat & awerness) server and asked if it was possible to connect...
Yann R Ribager
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/7d3da50330d1b24985257f6a00428dd5?OpenDocument>Windows10 SurfacWindows10 Surfacebook display
Has anyone tried to use the sametime client on a surface book's windows 10? The window is incredibly small, almost can't...
Robert M Przydzial
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/7a8d64123418e53285257f69004da14b?OpenDocument>Identify DB2 SerIdentify DB2 Server
Hello - I hope this is an easy one. We have a Sametime environment we are trying to shut down. It has kind of been...
Lars Roth
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/8d849704d5cdf56e85257f6100363e1c?OpenDocument>Autojoin MeetingAutojoin Meeting Room
Does anybody know a solution for autojoin a sametime meeting room? Idea: Windows Autologin > Sametime startup > Join a...
Thomas Brueggemann
Screenshare Fullscreen Mode without Toolbar?
Is it possible to hide the toolbar while screensharing in fullscreen? Without the toolbar the screenresolution fits to...
Rahul M
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/debf8b42bde82a1885257f550063930c?OpenDocument>Sametime API to Sametime API to get active chat information
We have an .Net application that runs on same machine where Sametime client is running. Is it possible to get information...
Charles Devresse
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/29f967d1e1e1abe485257f55002a37aa?OpenDocument>Can't chat at alCan't chat at all
Hi, I have installed IBM Sametime Connect on my laptop and I can login without problem. When I tried to chat with many...
Markku M Hanninen
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/de7486fb95c5e6c685257f490029562d?OpenDocument>n-way video calln-way video call problem
I've got latest R9 environment with all servers installed, for some reason n-way video calls/meeting video does not work....
Olafur P Jonsson
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/6c83e975bb6f4e4685257f480036764a?OpenDocument>Unable to instalUnable to install meeting room plugin in IE, Firefox and Chrome
Hi, I am unable to install the Sametime meeting room plugin in all major browser, IE, Firefox and Chrome. In IE I get a...
Anders Aslund
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c4b28a2eee41e8ab85257f4500285d38?OpenDocument>Groups/UserInfo Groups/UserInfo from Domino and Active Directory only for passwords?
We want to remove passwords from Domino, and instead use Active Directory for authentication. This we want to be achieved...
Matthias Pracht
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/1393cec91b5c002985257f3e0039a921?OpenDocument>Chat window is oChat window is opened on not existing screen....
hi @all,
Ive an issue wit Sametime chat window, where I cannot find any solution for it. Im using Sametime on anotebook...
Craig A Sanders
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/c59b04cb8ad757db85257f3900535102?OpenDocument>Application BlocApplication Blocked by Java Security
Cannot share my screen in Sametime Meeting Room. I get a message saying Application Blocked by Java Security. I have Java...
Daniel Mendes de Oliveira e Silva
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/119eb7017d2ee29e85257f37005ee399?OpenDocument>IBM Sametime WebIBM Sametime WebPlayer - How To Remove?
I need to uninstall the IBM Sametime 9 WebPlayer plugin in Firefox ESR 43.0.4. Is this possible?...
Tosh Bimbra
ST Primary contacts picture blank
I use ST primary contacts and find the pictures are blank. I open Matrix view, use option to manually set the pictures. The...
Michael Farquhar
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/5fabc3b359c5592985257f2900697b0d?OpenDocument>How to change meHow to change meeting room sip number
Is there a way to change the sip number used to call into a meeting room? For example...
veenit vora
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/2fbfd3714aee023485257f2400472cfd?OpenDocument>Programatically Programatically initiate a voice call with a contact
Hi All, I am using Sametime connect client 8.5.2. I want to programatically initiate a call with one of my contacts. Is...
Richard Siegmund
Any way for Sametime status message to auto switch back to available on mouse activity?
Our agency uses IBM Connections Cloud and has adopted Sametime for office messaging. We really would like to make use of...
bopedibop bopedibop
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/e7f8dc09aa75b1b485257f100065843b?OpenDocument>samtime 9 1to1 csamtime 9 1to1 chatt/video
Hi It says in docs that I only need the, cf+sip proxy registrar, can i install this on a windows server and get the 1 to 1...
Markku M Hanninen
6Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/79f098ce9c20b30a85257f10004cfb69?OpenDocument>SLES 11 SP4 and SLES 11 SP4 and VMCU validator service pack fail [SOLVED]
Hi I'm installing Sametime 9 VMCU fresh install on SLES 11 SP4. It is supported in system requirements but the installation...
Craig A Sanders
WAS Fix Pack on IBM i Using HTTP Admin
I have WAS 8.5 installed on an IBM i for Sametime. I didn't install it (somebody else did)and it's never had a fix pack...
bopedibop bopedibop
MS Skype for business
Hello fellas So does it work to connect stgw to skype for...
Christophe C Charlier
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/8c120d6a6dda7ebe85257f080030bde3?OpenDocument>Sametime MeetingSametime Meeting Share Screen issue
Hi all, I have two strange behavior during the progress of a meeting 1:/
When, in a meeting and using IE as the browser (...
bopedibop bopedibop
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/4d0c337aad6ad69485257f030040bbb2?OpenDocument>sametime proxy lsametime proxy ldap, CWWIM4520E
A fresh install of a sametime proxy server, (federated), the SSCS is working fine with ldap, I can do lookups. Byt I...
Kyle Rountree
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/03ff7aecd8f3afd985257f0100747039?OpenDocument>Sametime - EmotiSametime - Emoticons
Hello, I am currently running Lotus Notes 8.5.3FP3 and my Sametime stopped allowing me to save emoticons/.gifs, and only...
Cathy Harmon
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/16380821de32e24a85257f00005638d3?OpenDocument>Alerts - can youAlerts - can you prevent them?
Is there a way to prevent people who have an alert set to notify them when you log on from getting notified? Sometimes you...
Pam Assivero
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/ff48b4e8728dd37185257efb007f09da?OpenDocument>Some shared screSome shared screens show as white or grey
We've got the latest version of Sametime setup. We've had issues of some sort pretty much since we rolled it out. Most...
Sauron d'Mordor
7Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/7f4806e30b97915485257efa00719185?OpenDocument>Multiple CommuniMultiple Communities and meeting servers
Hi all, I'm not certain this is really the best forum for this but.... My environment for domino/sametime is contains...
Ben Williams
Sametime and SPNEGO
SPNEGO works nicely (to an extent) but what doesn't work is the fall back log in. All of IBM's Sametime documentation...
Ian Myers
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/4241524abba1d60885257ef90034191e?OpenDocument>Sametime 9 StatuSametime 9 Status Messages
I am sure I am missing something but I can't see where I can clean up my sametime status messages. I now have far too many...
Martin Hansgut
Sametime Connect client for OS X El Capitan
When will it be available Sametime Connect client 9.0 for Mac OS X 10.11 El...
bopedibop bopedibop
disable meetingroom server
Hi How can we remove a audio/video server without user notices it? When the server is down the user gets prompt to login to...
admin andreas
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/f4167f28e78a1d7f85257eec0042b9f7?OpenDocument>sametime contactsametime contact always online
I have a very strange scenario. I have a user who even though he is not in the office his sametime status still show as...
admin andreas
5Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/b72f86162537460f85257eeb00540a6c?OpenDocument>Sameitme contactSameitme contacts
Hi I have a question for you Is there a way how one can add the entire group as contacts instead of each and every...
Denis Aristov
6Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/dad8fd5c3ce73faf85257ee70050eaca?OpenDocument>Sametime auto loSametime auto login has stopped working
Sametime doesn't log in automatically since 2 or 3 weeks. Because of an update? I haven't changed anything in the...
Daniel Mendes de Oliveira e Silva
CRIMA1076E: Error executing the C:\Users\Admin\AppData\Local\Temp\configureWASprofiles.bat command: status=64.
When I had to uninstall and reinstall Sametime Meeting Server 9.0.0.x and the uninstall process using IBM Installation...
Steve Dionne
El Capitan Audio/Video Issue IBM Notes 64 bits
Using the latest release IBM Notes 64 bits for Mac, Audio/Video are not detected by the Embedded Sametime client. Any Fix...
Thales Milet
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/64ace5527d193b2e85257ee300523836?OpenDocument>Domino 9 and SamDomino 9 and Sametime
we want to upgrade maildomain to Domino 9.0.1. The Sametime domain rel. is seperat and cross certificated with...
Randy Bye
Apache Reverse Proxy - Sametime Classic meetings
I am setting up an Apache 2.4 Reverse Proxy on the same server as my Sametime Classic meeting server and am having...
Ben Williams
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/07ab3d4a4280531280257ed700697cf9?OpenDocument>Convert buddy liConvert buddy list from Domio LDAP to AD
We have a couple of very old ST 8.0.2 servers (I know!) which I have recently taken ownership off. I have built a...
Stefanie Krueger
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/edd4f582afbd1b2685257eca0028a488?OpenDocument>Show User StatusShow User Status Message on website
Hi ! is it possible to show the text of the status message on a website ? Actually I use the following :...
Stefanie Krueger
2Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/ecf00c58c8728b4985257ec90041ecdb?OpenDocument>Try to start witTry to start with page.html
Hi ! I tried to start working with the SDK. So in the first step I tried to get the page.html "online"
Sametime chat window shows black in participants' name and time stamps
I have been using Sametime in office for few years. The chat window always show blue and orange colour for my name and the...
Stefanie Krueger
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/652ebb985c5499e285257ec00043efd3?OpenDocument>Sametime awareneSametime awareness
Hi ! we want to "use" the awareness information from our sametime users in other programs. Where can I find that...
Gert v Kempen
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/2e67d657911d7ea485257eb9004cbb89?OpenDocument>LtpaToken issue LtpaToken issue with Sametime Proxy
I have setup a Sametime Proxy server and can login. There is however a problemen with SSO. I can login to Meetings and from...
Stuart Hickson
3Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/0e7b00dac98a025685257eb9001fbad1?OpenDocument>SAML & Sametime SAML & Sametime 9.0
IBM has released a ST client on their Connections Cloud service that has SAML as a SSO option for a community but it states...
Anders Aslund
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/d8a212437c9c3b3685257eb200553d07?OpenDocument>Your Sametime WeYour Sametime Web Plugin install experience?
I have installed and patched a fancy new Sametime 9 demo environment to test out which web-browsers that are usable with...
Steven Joseph
1Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/9c55d3bf00af364c85257ead004934ea?OpenDocument>Limit meeting duLimit meeting duration
Is there a way to limit the max duration when a person creates a new scheduled meeting? We'd like to limit the max meeting...
John R Doe
4Show details for [<a href=/ldd/stforum.nsf/DateAllWithExcerptweb/807f9383feb28a8385257ea8004babfa?OpenDocument>Sametime 9 proxySametime 9 proxy guest login
Hello, I'm new to the Domino/Notes/Sametime topic and need to setup a Sametime 9 enviroment for internal and external use....

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