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Remove the need to append "sip:" when dialling usign SUT Lite client
Ben Williams 05:38 AM
Sametime Standard 8.5.2 IFR1 Windows

Having just set up a SIP trunk to the customer's Polycom DMA the customer can now dial to virtual meeting rooms (VMR), This is great and what they asked for but users need to dial "sip:VMR_number@IP_of_DMA" eg "sip:1234567@"

I understand that the IP address of the DMA could be removed by using a fqdn but nonetheless the user still needs to add the domain and the "sip:" which is not intuitive to all.

The following forum entry describes someone (Ben Timms) who does not need to add anything but the telephone number. Does anyone know whether this is possible?

I have a feeling this may be possible when dialling a PBX based land line but.......?

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