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Two chat windows
Edmund Breit 11/24/2014 07:29 AM
Developer Toolkits 8.5.2 Linux


I'm trying to add chat support to the UI I'm working on. It displays a list of users. When you click on one of them, I want to open a chat window. Actually, this works with the code I have so far. But the reply from my chat partner isn't displayed in this window. Instead, a new one is opened, and all my partner's replies are shown therein.
My JS code is very simple. At the beginning, I log in (stproxy.login.loginByToken(null,null,null,loggedInOK, somethingFailed)). The chat is initialized with this call: stproxy.openChat(name).
Any idea why this happens and what is missing in my code? Or where I could find a detailed API documentation?
BTW: This happens with 8.5.2.

Thanks in advance!

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