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Attend meeting - Netscape vs IE
Emma Callaghan 02/25/2003 05:26 AM
Sametime Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 3.0 Windows NT/2000

Hi there,
If I try to attend a meeting in IE, I get the "Preparing the Sametime meeting room" screen with a grey background screen. It never connects. However, I can connect to the same meeting without any problems if I use Netscape.

So this would suggest that it's my IE settings that is causing the problem but I've been through the admin documentation and have changed settings in my internet options such as uchecking "Use HTTP 1.1" and making sure I'm using the Microsoft VM not the Sun one.

Has anyone else had this problem ? Is there an undocumented change I need to make to IE ?

Oh and I'm using IE 6 SP1 but connecting with a different PC using IE 5.5 SP2 causes the same problem.

Any help would be hugely appreciated !

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