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NEED ADVICE: Integrated Sametime Deployment
Shawn J Kiser 06/30/2009 01:36 PM
Sametime Entry 8.0.1 Windows

I am looking for a way to enable the integrated Sametime client to 1800 users. We currently use the Standard 8.5 Notes Client, I want to enable the 3 check mark boxes in the Connectivity for Sametime Window: Remember password, Auto Log-in, and Use token based SSO, with out end user interaction.
I have opened 2 tickets with IBM to find out that these options can not be enabled with Domino policies, because they will not enforce on the eclipse based client, the polcies do work on the basic client and lower versions.

I have also learned these options can not be enabled using any Notes.ini setting or using the plugin_customization.ini settings. My application developer also tells me he is not able to create any script that enables this options via a button, or something similar. I find it hard to believe there is no way in Domino to enable 1800 users with Sametime, other then send them out instructions and screen shots to do this themselves.

If anyone else has run into this problem, and may have some advice I would be most grateful.

Thanks for your time
Shawn Kiser

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