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Sametime Meeting Converter stand alone not working
Tom Bolton 05/16/2014 04:30 AM
Administration 9.0 All Platforms


I can't make it works. When all STMeetings roles were installed on one box all worked well. After expanding environment to Meeting cluster (installed new 2 nodes of Base Meeting role and one standalone converter server) , conversion doesn't work.

We have error on meeting server in SystemOut.console:

NON 200 OK Status Code from Remote Conversion server: 403
Error from Remote Conversion server: You do not have access to this session.
<Null Message>

And a log on Converter server:

NON-JOINED Access failed for sessionId[sessionId] userId[user@domain] password[null] nonce[null]
You do not have access to this session.

Thank in advance for any idea.


Update: Still Nothing :(

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