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Domino SSL with SSO between Samtime and DWA
Tom Cheung 06/30/2006 11:21 AM
Lotus Domino Extended Products Portlets 7.0 Windows NT/2000

Hello all,

I have some problems in IM awareness displayed in DWA when I connect with SSL. The version of DWA and Sametime are R7.

I configure Web SSO configuration, server document and configuration document to setup SSO between sametime and DWA. IM awareness can be displayed successfully after login to DWA. Although there is no any IM awareness shown when I login with

I tried to change SSL port other than default 443, also I tried to add tunnelling under files

lotus\domino\data\domino\html\sametime\stlinks\hostinfo.js and stlinks.js

And I also add iNotes_WA_SametimeProtocol=https: ,

into notes.ini of DWA server but IM awareness failed to display when I connect with SSL (https protocol).

So would anyone tell me how can I enable IM awareness in DWA when connecting with SSL ?

(In my case, SSL is enabled on DWA server using Domino based SSL)

Thanks !!


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