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code 80000003 - inside IBM Sametime???
David J Ferrero 12/13/2005 10:19 AM
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We're using IBM's Sametime Client library, STComm.jar and have mostly success as testified by our robust Enterprise IM client - JBuddy Messenger Pro available for any java 1.4+ platform.

One item we've failed to solve is a strange error code presented when trying to login to IBM's own internal Sametime server. Several IBMers have tried using JBuddy Messenger Pro with NO success while the rest of the world enjoys this robust IM client.

What is most troubling is that clients like Gaim and Adium using an open source 'meanwhile' plugin CAN access IBM's internal Sametime network but JBuddy Messenger Pro using IBM's own STComm.jar API cannot.

One IBMer asked if it has something to do with the Client ID sent from the meanwhile library: 0x1700, or if perhaps JBuddy Messenger Pro is advertising File Transfer capability while internal IBM server does not allow this. Perhaps login is rejected for another reason?

Any help would be most appreciated by Lotus Sametime users in the know....

David Ferrero

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