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Sametime 9.0.1 - External User wait 2 minutes to make Audio Call
Dung Mr Nguyen 03/13/2017 03:52 AM
Sametime Advanced 9.0 Linux

Hi everyone,

I have the following sametime server:
Internal zone: community, db2, systemconsole, meeting base, capture-render, pr, cf, 01 vmcgr, 02 vmcu
DMZ zone: mux01, STproxy, HTTP Server, Egge Proxy, Turn.
When Internal User access to the sametime system by webmeeting, sametime client, mobile --> eveyrything works normally.

But when User access to the system from the External (internet) --> After login, user wait about 3 seconds to make AUDIO CALL, VIDEO CALL ICON available --> and then wait about 2 minutes to make video and audio call normally.

If users don't wait 2 minutes. They cannot make audio, or videos or start call in the meeting room.

I raised PMR with IBM, and they recommended to "disable SIP authentication" on firewalls. I did it but the issue still occured.
Do you have any recommend for me? Thank you very much for your recommends

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