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Domino/Sametime and IIS 6
Alex Nunez 09/11/2007 11:08 AM
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 7.5.1 CF1 Windows

Current server configuration Sametime 7.5.1.:
Domino Web server running on port 80 IIS web server running on port 8080.

* Configured IIS to run as the front-end and Domino as the back-end server - OK.
* Both IIS plugin and ISAPI filter properly configured - OK.
* HTTP Requests are being received by IIS and passed to Domino, processed, then served back to the client - OK.
* Authentication done via IIS is being passed to Domino, binding with LDAP AD and user is authenticated (Logged on <userName>) - OK
* Able to schedule New Meeting as authenticated user - OK

The problem is, unable to get past the Preparing the Sametime Meeting Room screen, and the progress bar never quits.


Almost there.
Appreciate any help to get me past this hurdle

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