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meeting invitation
Tim Powers 07/24/2007 04:34 PM
Online Meeting Center/Meeting Room 7.5.1 Windows

I was wondering if anyone has solution to this. When I create ST meeting directly in ST via web browser it sends me nice message with info like:

Please forward the following information to your meeting participants.
ONLINE MEETING BASICS, Time, Chair Link to meeting and link to "Test My Browser" etc. which is nice, I can forward this to all participants but why would I need to add this step, I'd like to schedule this meeting from my Lotus Notes client and send invitation at the same time while I'm creating meeting, adding to my calendar and notifying others. Problem is that if I add internet email address a invited person and this invitation is received by external system it does something strange to ST meeting link that it is not usable anymore... is there solution for that?

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